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Ski in Corsica… on CNN!

Thank you Corsicaexperience…
(skip first two minutes)

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Le Tour in Corsica!

Unbelievably, in its 100 year of existence, the world-famous Tour de France had NEVER raced through Corsica! This terrible injustice will soon be corrected when “Le Tour” starts and stays for three races in the “Ile de Beaute” next July 2013.
Corsica’s hilly and scenic landscape should offer great runs and it will definitely be a good opportunity to come for a quite unique holiday, whether you are a cycling fan or not.[singlepic id=283 w=320 h=240 float=right]

And not to play the devil’s advocate but given the logistics required to organise this event (over 200 cyclists plus their teams, equipments to carry over from the main continent and back and to find housing for during one fo the peak holiday time of the year!), this first tryout should generate entertaining blunders and total confusion. Let’s just hope the dockers don’t decide to go on strike on that week!

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Big Tuesday

Following Saturday’s big storm, waves are peeling perfectly at 3m height, off the coast of the Valinco Gulf. Rare and for pro-riders only as a wipeout is rock landing guaranteed!
The other side of the gulf offered some safer and smaller surf.. stil very clean as one can see on the pictures. Three guys in the water only on the beach of the Rizzanese river!

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For a better idea, check out the video on Corsica Experience’s facebook page

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A short autumn walk

On the way to the village, autumn plants and landscapes now come with vivid colours…

[nggallery id=30]
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