Babiana Baccharis Backhousia Bacopa (water hyssop) Bactris Baeckea Baikiaea Baileya Ballota Balsamorhiza (balsam root) Bambusa (bamboo) Banksia Baptisia an orchid genus Barbarea (yellow rocket or winter cress) Barkeria (an orchid genus) Barleria Barklya (gold blossom tree) Barnadesia Barringtonia Bartlettina Basselinia Bassia Bauera Bauhinia Baumea Beallara an orchid hybrid genus … Alphabet Gardening – Plants with “U” and “X” Q: I am planting an alphabet garden with my son. Sansevieria (Mother-in-law's tongue, Snake plant, Bowstring hemp) Sarcococca (Christmas box, Sweet box) Sarracenia (Purple Pitcher Plant, Yellow Pitcher Plant, Cobra Lily) Saxifraga (Saxifrage) Schefflera (Umbrella Tree, Octopus Tree) Scindapsus: Scirpus (Bulrush, Club Grass) Sedum (Stonecrop) Selaginella (Creeping Moss) Senecio: Setcreasea: Siderasis The Glasshouse Works greenhouses is a mailorder nursery specializing in rare and exotic hardy and tropical plants from around the world. Carobs grow big seed pods that start green like in the picture and gradually turn dark, wrinkly brown over a year and then fall off. Acanthus 'Summer Beauty'. Carob seedpods are sweet and can be dried, roasted and ground and used to make a chocolate substitute. Related Questions. For example, plant some asters for “A,” balloon flowers for “B,” cosmos for “C” and so on. Wachendorfia, Wahlenbergia, Waldsteinia, Wallflower, Water hyacinth, Windflower and Wisteria are flowers that begin with the letter w. Support the site! Click a letter of the alphabet to see a list of plants with common names beginning with that letter. Abutilon 'Orange Hot Lava'. General ABC’s – Most alphabet gardens are simply created by incorporating plants that begin with each letter of the alphabet; that’s 26 alphabet garden plants. For … Don't wait for download! Packed with recipes, decorating tips, entertaining ideas, and travel guides, we guarantee to deliver the best of … Browse Our Plants A-Z; Plant Finder; This Year's New Plants; Garden Essentials; Seeds; Rare Plants; Burncoose Specialities; Burncoose Website Gift Vouchers; National Garden & Burncoose Tokens; Gift Ideas; Planting Colour Combinations; Burncoose Specialities Azaleas; Caerhays Bred Plants; Camellias; Hydrangeas; Magnolias For Larger Gardens; Magnolias For Smaller Gardens Answer. This is a partial list of garden plants, plants that can be cultivated in the garden, listed alphabetically by genus Achimenes 'Harry Williams'. Achillea 'Sassy Summer Taffy' PPAF. Adiantum aleuticum 'Imbricatum'. ABC Names – With this alphabet theme, choose plants that begin with the each letter of your child’s name. The ultimate insiders’ guide to Southern culture, recipes, travel, and events. Common plant names. Thistles are any plants, usually weeds, that have thorny leaves. African violet is a house plant. Many plants commonly used as food possess toxic parts, are toxic unless processed, or are toxic at certain stages of their lives. Companies with names that begin with A 422 companies found. This site contains information and pictures for more than 6000 species of plants. Alternatively click here to see the plants listed alphabetically by botanic name. Company: A & D Nursery: A & P Orchids: A Bird's Home (Woodside Gardens) A Cottage Garden Thistles often have thorns all over them, on the stems and flowers too. We are your source for plants both traditional and unusual. Search it! Aluminum Plant (Pilea cadierei) Aluminum Plant (Pilea grandis) Amapola (Pereskia nemorosa) Amaranth, Purple Amaranth, Mexican Grain Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus) Amazon Blue, Brazilian Snapdragon (Otacanthus caeruleus) Amazon Lily, Eucharis Lily (Eucharis grandiflora) Amazonian Zebra Plant, Queen of the Bromeliads (Aechmea chantinii) This is a list of plants starting with X, the meaning and an example are also included. Plants that start with 'A' Abutilon 'Canary Bird'. Cheap Click Clack Sofa Bed, Retro Dining Chairs With Arms, Another Word For Yard Maintenance, Hunter Mountain Ski Kids Camp, Plants For Small Garden Borders, Restoration Hardware Outlet Long Beach, The Healthy College Cookbook Pdf, Black End Tables For Bedroom, Battle Of Spotsylv... 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