Suggested Reading : Best Pool Filters. Cartridge filters are a bit easier, but you still need to remove the cartridge and its connector hoses for storage. For DE pool filters and filter cartridges, a final cleaning and inspection is needed while closing the pool. There are several steps you should follow when you close down an in-ground pool for the winter. If you have a sand filter, clean it by backwashing. In this article we have reviewed best cartridge filters for inground pools. Each type of pool filter has a unique shutdown process. Water tubes should be filled to 2/3 capacity. This will protect it from damage due to freezing water and keep it … How to Winterize a Pool Sand Filter. We know that pool maintenance isn’t the most exciting part of owning a swimming pool, but these tips can help simplify the process. Do you need a cartridge filter for your in-ground pool? Winterizing your swimming pool helps to protect the equipment from damage during the cold winter months. In both cases, after cleaning, reinstall the filter media back into the tank for winter storage. Suggested Reading : Best Pool Filters. Other than simpler, this type of pool is also more economical than an in-ground pool. An above ground pool might have slightly different winterizing needs than an inground pool. adding winter chemicals, and covering the pool to keep debris from collecting in the pool over the winter months. Drain your sand filter, water pump, and hoses and put them in storage when not in use. How to Winterize & Close an Inground Pool. Remove the filter and clean up any “dust” leftover in the pump – you don’t want it staying around over winter. Proper maintenance of your pool's equipment is essential to keep it running correctly. To “Winterize” pool plumbing means to use air to remove the water from all of the pipes and equipment, to prevent costly freeze damage repairs. Cartridge filters should have the cartridge removed and cleaned thoroughly. Lubricate any filter o-rings you come across in the process. filters, drain the filter tanks and leave the backwash valve open. Most sand filters have a winterize setting that you can use when you are ready to shut it down for the year. DO NOT acid wash a D.E. Soak in our Filter Cleaner to have grids or cartridges at their cleanest before replacing into the filter for dry winter storage. (diatomaceous earth) grids with Filter Cleaner, then rinse them clean with a garden hose. Leaves, bugs, pine needles and other similar items should be vacuumed or removed from the pool by use of the filter, or by using an extension pole and net to skim the water. Each type of swimming pool has unique requirements for winterizing. Step 1 Use the water pump and control lever to backwash and rinse out the filter. How to Winterize a Pool Sand Filter. Whether you're a new pool owner with a stunning pool design or veteran home pool pro, this guide contains important information for all classes of pool ownership.. Steps to winterize a swimming pool: The method described below whereby pool plumbing pipes are blown out and sealed first was most widely performed in New England and the East coast of … Sand filters do not need to be disassembled unless you are changing the sand. Prep Cartridge Filter Elements for Storage. To properly winterize a swimming pool, the owner should begin by making sure that the pool water is clean of debris. Poolcenter's famous 10-step pool closing guide, the original 10-step pool winterization blog post, on how to DIY winterize an inground pool. It's important to winterize your in-ground pool for the colder months, especially if temperatures in your area drop near or below freezing. Today, I’ll explain how to use a blower to winterize an inground pool… Pool Winterizing Equipment. Remove your filter grids or filter cartridge and hose very thoroughly. Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Diatomaceous earth filters need special attention when winterizing a pool. But, to understand cartridge filters you need to know why it is important to have the right and best cartridge filter for inground pool. Do not stretch it taut, it is intended to dip in the middle, unless you have a pool safety cover, which should be pulled tightly and hooked to brass anchors around the pool. 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