Let's look at the instances where we need to use the Abstract Factory or Factory Method. Abstract Factory Pattern . Now instead of hard binding the complete logic to decide the nature and shape of the object on the basis of some conditions, you are assigning the responsibility to some other object and hence making the relationship loosely coupled and hence main tenable. Toggle navigation MENU Toggle account Toggle search. Introduction. Abstract Factory pattern is almost similar to Factory Pattern is considered as another layer of abstraction over factory pattern. But it’s not a good design for Python applications. But it’s not a good design for Python applications. Example of `abstract factory' design pattern in Python - abstract_factory_example.py Abstract Factory patterns work around a super-factory which creates other factories. Advantages of the Proxy pattern As we've seen how the Proxy pattern works in the real world, let's browse through the advantages of the Proxy pattern: Proxies can help improve the performance of the application by caching heavy objects or, typically, the frequently accessed objects Abstract Factory design pattern is one of the Creational pattern. In those languages, the Factory Method serves as an awkward but necessary escape route. The idea is to have one function, the factory, that takes an input string and outputs an object. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. You'll also see a general purpose implementation of Factory Method in Python. It was designed for underpowered programming languages where classes and functions can’t be passed as parameters or stored as attributes. When a user calls a method such that we pass in a string and the return value as a new object is implemented through factory method. Introduction. Now I will try to explain why you would use this pattern. The concrete factory must create the correct objects for it's context, insuring that all objects created by the concrete factory have been chosen to be able to work correctly for a given circumstance. Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture -- A System of Patterns. This factory is also called as factory of factories. Advantage of Factory Pattern - Loose Coupling and Segregation of Responsibilities. Advantages and disadvantages of the Command design pattern The pros and cons of the Command design pattern are as follows: It is useful when creating a structure, particulary when the creating of a request and executing are not dependent on each other. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. First of all, I would suggest you to read about the Abstract Factory pattern, for example here. Abstract Factory Pattern says that just define an interface or abstract class for creating families of related (or dependent) objects but without specifying their concrete sub-classes.That means Abstract Factory lets a class returns a factory of classes. It addresses the same problems as the Simple Factory Pattern i.e. Factory method pattern To deal with this we can use the factory method pattern. Let's look at the instances where we need to use the Abstract Factory or Factory Method. 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