Check to see that your pump basket and filter are closed properly. If there is only one return pipe, and the chlorinator bubbles are coming from the pipe, I think it could indicates a broken pipe, like the other poster stated. To keep air bubbles out … In a standard swimming pool setup the pump pulls the water from the pool and pushes it through the filter and then it will return to the pool or other secondary pumps might push it to a pressure cleaner or through a solar system. I do not have a blower, just an air pipe. Eliminate air bubbles caused by air leaks in pool filter pumps and water return lines by checking all fittings and filter pump lid seals. The other outlets produce no air bubbles. Removing air from a pool line involves priming the system with water to enable the pump to push the air out. Do you see air bubbles shooting out of the return jets in your swimming pool? Post by Paula » Fri 26 May, 2006 10:19 . Left unaddressed it will cause other problems as well, and those problems could have minor or major impact. Approximately 8,000 Gallons, Chlorine In-Ground Pool. Air bubbles are entering the spa in spa mode. If you notice air bubbles coming out of the pool returns, there may be a problem. Air bubbles are coming from the pool return in pool mode. Pool Pumps - Sucking In Air. Pump sucking air or filter blowing bubbles? There are air bubbles coming out of one of my pool's return outlets. A leak that reduces the effectiveness of your pool pump, and makes maintaining consistent water pressure a challenge. Pool filter pumps are designed to suck in pool water on the suction side and push out filtered pool water on the return side. The pump is sucking in air. If you get to the stage where you think that's all it must be, you could try something radical like: 1: dig up the dirt near the return and see if it's wet. This last Winter, my wife and closed our pool ourselves for the first time using a Cyclone. I have isolated my skimmers, then i have isolated the pool drain.still no pressure and air bubbles are present in the pool return… We just reopened the pool this last week, and everything seems to be functioning correctly, but I've noticed that one of the two pool return lines has a light amount of air bubbles coming out. A pool pump suction side leak means that air is being sucked into the pool-to-pump water lines, usually near the pump itself. I have some small air bubbles coming out of two of the three jets in my pool (the fourth is a pool cleaner bot and i don't see any bubbles from him). Here's what i've done so far: 1) Installed new o-ring and lubed it on sight lid/pump skimmer pump housing cover. So I have an in ground pool and spa with an overflow waterfall. Air Bubbles in Pool? Do you have air bubbles shooting into your pool through your return jets? Why This Happens Let’s solve this air bubble issue with a few troubleshooting tips. When running the spa, I no longer consistently get bubbles out of the jets. Excess air in your pool’s pump and filter is much more than just a nuisance. Not losing any water either. What can be done if only one of the 4 return inlets have an air leak and poor flow? There's obviously an air leak but why doesn't it show up with air bubbles coming out of the other returns? The optimal water level is halfway up the skimmer face plate. The pump should normally run "air free", that is without air running through the system. I have no pressure at my Hayward Pro Grid DE filter. I have some small air bubbles coming out of two of the three jets in my pool (the fourth is a pool cleaner bot and i don't see any bubbles from him). Now I notice that there are bubbles coming into the pool at the jet and the motor is louder than usual. Left unaddressed it will cause other problems as well, and those problems could have minor or major impact. If your pool pump is having trouble priming or you're getting air bubbles coming through your returns then this video is for you. Air emanating from swimming pool water return jets indicates suction side leaks in a pool's filter pump system. All my hoses are new and can’t see any visible leaks anywhere else. It is the symptom of a problem – one that could be a minor or major fix. So we have been noticing that there is air bubbles coming out of our return jets.....we have checked the pump basket and that seal seems to be tight, we are losing no pressure in our pump, but we have been noticing some water loss on a daily basis, although we are near Chicago, we do not have a solar cover, and it has been windy and cool in the evenings.....not sure if these 2 issues are related. 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