High traveller speed leads to higher contact pressure (up to 35 N/mm2) and generation of heat. = 2:1 or 2.5:1 bobbin length = 5 x Ring Diameter Bobbin lift = Bobbin length – 20mm Draft ranges in ring spinning: Higher draft usually causes the reduction in yarn quality. The yarn twist angle is the angle between a tangent to the helix formed by a fibre on the yarn surface and the yarn axis. twisted core of fibres, moreover the fibres will not get any tension differences as in the ring spinning this results in poor migration of fibres and hence yarn structure[2,3,4,5]. ring in 18-karat gold with three inner rings set with diamonds, which smoothly spin around each other. However, these new concepts of ring spinning have 13.9 . In the ring spinning frame, the fibre bundle follows a path between the drafting system and yarn take-up on the cop. Magic-angle spinning was first described in 1958 by Edward Raymond Andrew, A. Bradbury, and R. G. Eades and independently in 1959 by I. J. Lowe. Ring traveller contact area is close to the toe portion of the traveller. Yarn tension in the balloon is the tension which finally penetrates almost to the spinning triangle and which is responsible for the greater part of the thread … Improper weight to the spinning tension. An orbital ring is a concept of an enormous artificial ring placed around the Earth that rotates at an angular rate that is faster than the rotation of the Earth. The 40 tex wrap yarns were made on the Yantra PKVE (Prenomit) spinning machine at 150, 250, 350, 450 and 550 tpm, while 20 × 2 tex ring spun yarns were spun at 550 tpm and ply-twisted at 570 tpm. It is a giant formation of astroengineering proportions.. S twist: When a yarn is twisted in an anticlockwise direction, the fibers from a helical angle at the yarn surface. COMPARITIVE STUDIES ON RING ROTOR AND VORTEX YARN KNITTED FABRICS Rameshkumar C.1, Anandkumar P. 1, Senthilnathan P., Jeevitha R.1, Anbumani N.2 1Department of Textile Technology Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam-638401 2Department of Textile Technology PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore-641004 crktex@gmail.com Abstract: Ring, Rotor and Air vortex spinning … its service life. This angle conforms to the middle part of the letter “S” and, therefore, is referred to as “S” twist ((Sometimes referred to as left-hand twist).Ring spun yarn (not open end yarn) can be produce with “S” twist. These studies have reported approximately 50% fibre extent in yarns spun on a friction-spinning machine as against 80–85% in corresponding ring spun and 70–80% in rotor spun yarns. Ringspun yarns produce high quality and are mainly produced in the fine (60 Ne, 10 tex) to medium count (30 Ne, 20 tex) range, with a small amount produced in the coarse count (10 Ne, 60 tex) range. Fiber orientation in rotor spun yarn is not as favorable as ring spun yarn. ONE LOVE. The tube and ring diameters must have a minimum ratio, between approx. It makes the yarn touch or rub some metal parts, more than normal, resulting in hairiness. This path involves the drafting arrangement, thread guide, balloon control ring and traveller. There are some works in which friction forces and heat generated were reduced using a rotating ring with magnetic or air bearing [3], [4], [5]. Hence traveller fly occurs. Coarse fibers lead to deterioration in spinning conditions; this necessitates the use of higher twist co- efficient. In the illusion there are two movements - first and second order motions If the twist multiplier of a cotton yarn is known, the twist angle can be easily calculated. It is reported that the spinning tension is a function of spindle speed, traveller mass, ring diameter, coefficient of friction between ring and traveller, and angle of lead (Stalder, 1991, Stalder, 1994). The solo spinning attachment can be fitted onto existing ring-spinning machines; it consists of a pair of solo spun rollers held in a bracket, which is clipped onto … These elements are arranged at various angles and distances relative to each other. Please note that the defective bottom apron and top roll will not only affect the quality, but also the production, because the defective bottom apron and top roll make the spindle a sick spindle which will be prone to end breaks. Poorly centered spindles, spinning rings, anti balloon rings and yarn guides lead to inconsistent yarn tension. 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