Now that you have some basic hvac training on components that make up the refrigeration cycle, let’s learn how it actually works. In the refrigeration cycle, there are five basic components: fluid refrigerant; a compressor, which controls the flow of refrigerant; the condenser coils (on the outside of the fridge); the evaporator coils (on the inside of the fridge); and something called an … The compressor is a vapour compression pump which uses pistons or some other method to compress the refrigerant gas and send it on it's way to the condenser. The working fluid in a refrigerator is called a refrigerant. The compressor is widely considered the engine of the refrigeration cycle; it consumes the most power out of the HVAC system’s components and forces the refrigerant through the system. Basic refrigeration cycle 1. Gases give off heat when changed from gas to liquid. This is the method in which refrigerant is contained and circulated through the system in order to absorb unwanted heat and carry it to another location. Once you have these memorized we can move on to describing each. Liquids absorb heat when changed from liquid to gas . The metering device, component #3 on this refrigeration cycle diagram, is the dividing point between the high pressure and low pressure sides of the system, And is designed to maintain a specific rate of flow of refrigerant into the low side of the system. The compressor is widely considered the engine of the refrigeration cycle; it consumes the most power out of the HVAC system’s components and forces the refrigerant through the system. The refrigerant begins as a cool vapor and heads to the first component: the compressor. For an air conditioning system to operate with economy, the refrigerant must be used repeatedly. Keep in mind that the process I am describing is just one of the many processes that can accomplish a refrigeration cycle. That makes sense, right ? There are 4 main components in a mechanical refrigeration system. First-lesson on how the basic refrigeration cycle works. Illustration of cycle, evaporator, handler - 26303864. The refrigeration cycle explains to us what is happening to the ac Freon in each of the four components within the central air conditioner. Start studying Unit 25 Special Refrigeration System Components. The main components • • • • There are four main components in a refrigeration system: The Compressor The Condensing Coil The Metering Device The Evaporator 3. In a basic vapor compression refrigeration cycle as shown in Figure 3.28, ... You also have to understand the other AC four basic components to know how and why it removes heat. Now, let’s see what is going on with these 4 streams and 4 processes. 1. It also discusses principal components of each cycle and how they function. Warm air will pass over the coil which contains the refrigerant, then the refrigerant absorbs the heat, then the you are left with cold air which is distributed to the rooms that you are trying to cool. It addresses the topics of: Human Comfort, the Air Cycle, Refrigeration Cycle, the Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Equipment. 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