Visit Pool Deals for high quality, cheap swimming pool liners and pool covers. Use a winter pool cover to protect your pool from debris, algae and chemical loss through evaporation during cold months when the pool is not in use. Other Considerations. However, that’s not enough to stop strong wind. The cover is made of polyethene and measures an inch and a half thick, providing you with the heavy-duty protection you need. Apply cover patches as needed – there are poly patches for solid winter covers and mesh or solid patches for safety covers. How to Install a Winter Pool Cover By Jay Backer September 5th, 2013. If you have an in ground pool, water tubes or bags are the best option. ... Or if you have anchors, you can secure them that way. If covering your pool with a winter cover, place the cover over the pool, then thread the cable through the loops or grommets. This cover includes a 4 ft. overlap making this cover easier to secure to your pool than other pool covers. How to Close or Winterize Your Above Ground Swimming Pool. For AG pools, how exactly is the wind getting underneath the winter cover in the first place? The cover is draped over the top rail and secured with multiple clips, cable winched, hanging jugs, water on the cover etc..... the wind must be getting in underneath where the top rail meets the top of the pool … Step 4. Regardless of the type of inground swimming pool winter cover, they are the best way to protect your pool and make spring start-up that much easier. Depending on the type of cover you have, you may need help putting your winter cover on. Some above-ground covers feature grommets along the edge to mount the cover in place. They're heavy when filled with water to stay in place. They're made to attach to the edges of the pool cover and hold them in place by being set around the outside of the pool. How to Close Your Swimming Pool for the Winter. With five (5) grades of winter pool covers, we like to say that we have a pool cover for every wallet! You could not have an article about which is the best pool cover without at least mentioning the Cadillac of pool covers - an automatic pool cover. Understanding the importance of quality, realistic lifespan expectations of the cover, sizing, and attachment design are all important in deciding which cover is right for you. Above Ground Pools. Secure the cover with water bags (inground winter cover), straps and anchors (safety cover) or a cable-&-winch assembly (above ground winter cover), depending on the type of pool cover you’re using. Before we start, ready your materials: Winterizing chemicals, chemical test kit, chlorine shock, net skimmer, winter pool cover… Summer home sales decor. The perfect Winter Pool Cover for your pool is one that will fit perfectly, deliver the performance and durability you expect and meet your purchase price requirements. Robelle 3421-4 Premier Winter Pool Cover. Follow along as Jay points out the right way to install a winter pool cover. Winter pool covers are affordable, widely available for both in ground and above ground pools, and they’re usually easy to install. Secure the winter cover cable tightly with the wench (included with all above ground winter pool covers). Buying the Perfect Winter Pool Cover. Q. WICHEMI Safety Pool Cover Inground Pool Safety Cover Green Mesh Solid In Ground Pool Covers for Swimming Pool Winter Safety Cover, Rectangle, 12 x 24 ft 4.3 out of 5 stars 8 $252.20 $ 252 . Automatic pool covers are the best, easiest to use and one of the safest ways to physically restrict access to the pool other than a fence around the pool. Like most round pool covers, this cover from Robelle offers an extra four feet of coverage for a total of 25 feet, making it easier to secure the cover to your poor. Some in-ground styles also have grommets for securing the cover to an external structure like a fence. Some folks weigh down the cable, with milk jugs or use our Wall Bags , which is fine for moderate winds. How To Select The Correct Sized In Ground Winter Pool Cover ... Click Here to Find Your New Inground Pool Winter Cover. Understanding the importance of quality, realistic lifespan expectations of the cover, sizing, and attachment design are all important in deciding which cover is right for you. A typical “standard” winter pool cover is made of a tarp-like material and is designed to keep out dead leaves, debris, and sunlight during the months you’re not using your pool. Editor's Note: "Ask the Expert" is a regular feature for homeowners that runs in the Advance and on SILive. 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