He poops every 4 days. Leave Group. Ajurek wrote: My 3 month old has started having mucus in his diapers along with his poop. Mucus in the poop of breastfed babies is very common, as mentioned above. Milk is often the culprit, so eliminating cow’s milk and other dairy products from the baby’s diet or mother’s diet (if baby is exclusively breastfed) can help. Breastfed babies pass green poop if their moms eat a lot of leafy greens, purple or blue-colored food, and certain medicines. Blood and mucus are often found together in stool because they share some of the same causes. Two common reasons for mucus in toddler poop are infections and constipation.Two other reasons are teething or possibly a sensitivity to some foods, for example, cow’s milk. Trying to decide whether or not to call the doctor. You can also look into baby probiotics, which can normalize baby’s stool. Read more about mucus stools . If baby is formula fed, you can try changing the formula. A baby's stool will change color, shape, odor and frequency numerous times, especially throughout the first year of life. Mucus, stomach bug, and an imbalance in the foremilk and hindmilk can also cause green stool. A typical baby's stool is a light tan to dark brown, and the consistency is soft, loose and seedy. The very first poop your baby passes on the first day of life is called meconium and will be black, thick and sticky. She has always suffered from a bad tummy so I eliminated foods while breastfeeding. Treatment and prevention of stringy mucus in your baby’s stool often requires changes in your diet and breast-feeding practices, and there is no need for you to stop breast-feeding your baby. ... My EBF baby had a blob of green mucous in his poop. If a breastfed baby is sensitive to a particular food, then he may be fussy after feedings, cry inconsolably for long periods, or sleep little and wake suddenly with obvious discomfort. 114K Members 40.5K Discussions. - BabyCenter Australia Learn about healthy vs. unhealthy colors and textures for breastfed and formula-fed babies and what each color and texture means. Mucus In Baby Stool. The best option is to see a pediatrician for guidance. Passing blood in the stool is not normal. The healthy poop of a baby doesn’t smell the same way as adult human feces. I have always suspected that she could have a possible lactose sensitivity. I was dairy free for 4 weeks when I took this picture. Learn about healthy vs. unhealthy colors and textures for breastfed and formula-fed babies and what each color and texture means. There is mucus in my baby's nappies when she has a pooh. Thanks for any input! Mucus in your baby’s diaper is not unusual, even in a breast-fed baby, and most of the time, it is not a cause for medical concern. Breastfed baby poop - WARNING yucky picture (17 Posts) Add message | Report. Newborns pass a dark green or black stool called meconium, an aggregate of everything they consumed in the womb. Poop that is filled with mucus, water, or blood could be a sign of an allergy or infection. Mucus in the baby poop of formula-fed babies is also common and occurs Home > Community > First Year > Breastfeeding > Mucus in baby stool. Breastfed baby poop in the first week. Mucus in stool looks like strands or globs of a glistening clear or white substance and sometimes accompanies green-colored stool. Large, hard poop with slight amounts of red blood and your baby is straining to stool: This could be the result of an anal tear. It is common for some mucus to appear in a baby's stool. The rest was runny and yellow. Mucus in the poop of breastfed babies is very common, as mentioned above. Typical breastfed baby poop is usually a mustardy yellow color, grainy in texture and quite runny (unless it's the first few bowel movements, that are dark in color because of the meconium, discussed above). 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