dogs dog fern plants asparagus toxic poisonous stomach symptoms plant distress causes related health guideIn this article I share the best indoor plants for asthma, allergy sufferers, and air pollution.

Furry family members can also spend the spring season feeling miserable thanks to pollens and other environmental allergens, especially dogs. Insect bite allergy is the exaggerated inflammatory response to the bite or sting of an insect. Mulberry trees. Some of the most poisonous plants for dogs and cats are reviewed below. While there are thousands of species of plants and flowers, only a small percentage of plants are truly dangerous and poisonous to your pet. In the dog, the most common symptom associated with allergies is itching of the skin, either localized (in one area) or generalized (all over the body). Can indoor plants cause allergies? Avoid the use of wood-burning fireplaces or stoves because smoke and gases can worsen respiratory allergies. Plants. It depends on the precise identity of the plant. Allergic reactions are a very common cause for midnight visits to the emergency room for dogs. ... and are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. Pets. ANSWER: Indoor house plants can also cause canine allergic reactions. I'll recommend the best … If your dog suffers from a dust allergy it’s good to clean your dog’s bed at least once a week and vacuum bi-weekly. Evening and garden Mulch allergies in dogs are caused by an inhalant or contact allergic reaction to specific types of mulches. Can indoor plants cause allergies? When you have an allergic reaction to a plant, it means that your immune system is overreacting to exposure to an allergen released by the plant. Cut-leaf philodendron. Dogs allergies can cause severe symptoms, including swelling and itching around the nose and eyes, a rash on the face and neck, and coughing. Make sure you know which plants are most deadly to avoid your dog or cat from getting into these poisonous flowers and poisonous plants! Indoor molds can proliferate in bathrooms, especially in the shower stalls, damp cellars, drains, potted plants, closets, attics, house foundations, crawl spaces, and sealed-off rooms. Pet allergies are common in the United States. Most allergens are proteins from plants, insects, animals, or foods. Dust and dust mites (tiny microscopic spiders that live on mattresses, sofas, carpets, etc–GROSS) can cause some dogs to suffer from a skin disease called atopic dermatitis. Season allergy in dogs is commonly caused by such environmental allergens as dust mites, fleas, molds and pollens from grasses, trees, weeds, and flowers. ... these plants can grow up to 15 feet. Common signs and symptoms of food allergies in dogs can include chronic ear infections, diarrhea and vomiting, and itchy or red skin. Common Plants Cause Allergic Reactions in Some Dogs Male juniper shrubs. Plants that have a common name of orchid but are not in the orchid family may be toxic to dogs or cats. Dust and house dust mites. Seasonal allergy in dogs. If your dog eats part of a plant, and if you aren't sure if it is a dog poisonous plant, look inside the dog's mouth and see if you notice any soars forming or excessive drooling. Ever have an allergic reaction? A dog is man’s best friend — that is, unless the man is allergic to his dog. Subscribe. An allergy is a state of over-reactivity or hypersensitivity of the immune system to a particular substance called an allergen. Arachnids such as spiders and ticks, and insects including fleas, blackflies, deerflies, horseflies, mosquitoes, ants, bees, hornets and wasps, can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive dogs. Many non-orchid-family plants may be colloquially called orchids or superficially resemble an orchid. Since there are varying products within mulch, some dogs may be very sensitive to certain types. Acacia shrubs. I'll share my experience with houseplants, allergy, and share NASA research proving houseplants can help remove chemicals and molds from indoor air. If you can't find a new home for your dog or cat, consider keeping it outside if weather permits. Exposure to these plants can cause severe adverse reactions in pets that include vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, oral irritation, abdominal pain, anorexia and depression. • Add one plant at a time to your house, to ensure that no allergies develop • Chose plants with smooth leaves, as fuzzy leaves can trap allergens easily • Examples of low allergy plants include cactus, begonia, nasturtium, peperomia and croton • Ensure your plants are always clear of any dust which can harbour airborne allergens 7 House Plants For Allergies That Can Help Clear The Air Around You. The same can happen to dogs too! Fireplaces. Dr. Justine Lee discusses allergic reactions in dogs.For more from Dr. Lee, find her on Facebook! You can expect more plant pollen and seasonal allergies if you put any of ... Live in harmony with your cat or dog. - Wag! Oak trees. More important is to make sure that dogs don't eat plants that can make them very sick or kill them. Even plants that can cause severe symptoms are often bitter to the taste, limiting the amount a dog will consume. Houseplants to avoid when you own a sensitive dog include: Spiderwort. Mulch allergies in dogs are caused by an inhalant or contact allergic reaction to specific types of mulches. 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