Foxglove contains naturally-occurring poisons that affect the heart, specifically cardenolides or bufadienolides. Accidentally swallowing a few seeds will not cause illness. These poisons are called cardiac glycoside toxins, and they interfere directly with electrolyte balance within the heart muscle. As others have said, individuals can react in very different ways to many types of plants. Seeds or pits from apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines and peaches are poisonous, but only if they are eaten in large amounts. The upper leaves of the stem are more dangerous than the lower leaves. Simply touching an oleander plant can cause skin irritation, particularly if you come into contact with the plant sap. Even small, nearly invisible "hairs" on cacti can be strong enough to puncture skin. Studies show that often, people who own this plant do not realize it is extremely toxic to their pet. Long pants and sleeves can prevent "weed whacker" dermatitis – the rashes that occur when pieces of grass, weeds, poison ivy, and other plant materials are thrown back forcefully onto skin. Foxglove is most toxic just before the seeds ripen. This article is for information only. - Wag! The most poisonous part of the daffodil is the bulb, but the leaves, stems and flowers will also cause health issues if eaten by your child. The lily-of-the-valley can easily induce fatigue, diarrhoea and vomiting. Avoid touching your face and eyes when working with outdoor plants. Problems with foxgloves don't usually affect the species plant. The leaves, flowers and seeds of the plant contain a very toxic chemical called digitalis glycoside which can cause serious symptoms or even death if eaten. According to the Missouri Botanical Garden, simply touching the plant may be harmful if the skin has cuts or other wounds. Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is a poisonous plant that is possibly fatal if ingested by humans, cats, dogs and horses. Symptoms of daffodil poisoning include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and diarrhea. Ingestion and Symptoms. Digitalis, foxglove, is a very common genus, growing both in the garden and the wild, with the potential to kill in quite small amounts. Foxglove is a common houseplant found both inside and outside of many homes due to its pleasing ornamental appearance. I believe the main concern is ingesting the plant because it can cause problems with your heart rhythm (digitalis is a drug that's used to control heart rate). Foxglove poisoning usually occurs from sucking the flowers or eating the seeds, stems, or leaves of the foxglove plant. This article is for information only. Search ... For more information on talks about poison plants, go to the 'Talks' page. It's advisable to wear gloves if the plant has to be handled, however. Even a small dosage is enough to lead in a fatal end in pets and children. I knew it affected your heart. Extreme poisoning after ingestion of the plant leads to irregular heart beat and mental confusion. Poisoning may also occur from taking more than the recommended amounts of medicines made from foxglove. Foxglove poisoning: The foxglove is a herb which produces fruit in a capsule and colored, tubular flowers. Intact skin in good condition should act as a barrier. 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