“Can you cut wet wood with a chainsaw?” There are basically 2 ways to get rid of bamboo. When selecting a blade length for your chainsaw, it is important to take into consideration the nature of your work and the size of your work area. Once you have felled a culm, remove the branches with a pruner. Tough on the saw though. How big is the bamboo your cutting? I passed up a bamboo job a while back because of the liability. Hi just interested in some ideas on how you cut cured bamboo without splintering on the edges.Is there any type of power saw you can use and what type of hand saw and what technique do you … As you probably already know their hard to get rid of. Overall, you should keep a watchful eye on your chain. I was fearful a kid would get one throu the foot or worse. Bamboo can be very invasive, if you are trying to get it under control, you may need to be more aggressive. Those three can make your chain dull easily. However, a branch below the node you’ve cut will continue to grow. I use a chainsaw myself. I passed up a bamboo job a while back because of the liability. This is a sign your chainsaw needs maintenance -- … But if continually for a few years you constantly cut out all the sprouts before they get too high, you may eventually kill the root (since no photosynthesis can happen), but depending on the breed it can stay dormant for quite a while. Rocks, in particular, can blunt the saw instantly. You can use a chainsaw on bamboo. Cut wood in situ - no need to move heavy logs, requiring skidders when you can just carry out cut beams by hand. going to shift. Cut branches as close to the culm as possible, using a sharp knife, pruning shears or clippers. A clever way of using a chainsaw to cut wood. They can be deadly cut and left sticking up even a few inches. Register to join beta. Why does your poulan chainsaw shut down when you cut? Make the cut at ground level. Once cut, the branches will not grow back. You can see from the picture that even the largest of canes (that is a quarter sitting on the stump for perspective) can be removed with simple tools. Keep in mind what it looked like when it was new. ax, or chainsaw be sure to cut by the roots:) While there are hundreds of varieties of bamboo, most can be propagated by cuttings. Related Questions. That wasn’t going to get it. Bamboo can be removed with most any handsaw. Unless your plan for the bamboo requires long lengths, the canes are more manageable if you cut them into sections of … Your best bet is those big loppers, they have about 2 foot handles, most have curved blades. I was fearful a kid would get one throu the foot or worse. A 24" trunk is a very heavy object, and at some point in your cutting it up, you know it's . Since bamboos are one of the plants I collect, I did have collected many types and I have also gotten rid of many types of bamboo as well. Once you have cut the bamboo, you then have to get rid of it. You can cut seasoned wood well enough with a chainsaw. However it started growing again but then it is easy to remove the new stalks. How big is the bamboo your cutting? They can be deadly cut and left sticking up even a few inches. Circular saws for cutting bamboo I'm of the group of artisans who is not carpentry orientated, that is.. That doesn't always happen, however. 1)Cut all the culms down to the ground with a lopper or chainsaw and keep … Bamboo is typically lightweight but can still be dangerous. We recommend you do it after 40 hours of use or when you hit a rock, soil, or you cut a hardwood tree. For most simple jobs, such as backyard pruning, a chainsaw with a saw bar or blade that can cut through an average tree limb will be adequate. I use a chainsaw myself. Be very careful though. You may be able to use a chain saw, depending on how thick your stems are. Ideally, a chainsaw should make a smooth, clean cut through the wood. One mature stock can produce several new bamboo … I don't know of any weed killer specifically for bamboo, but maybe some guys here do. For larger culms, you will need a fine-toothed hand saw or even a chain saw. Chainsaws often start pulling to one side, curving in that direction even when you try to maintain a straight line. 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