Some are 1 inch tall and others grow to be 65 feet tall. In the asexual stage the fern is known by botanists as a sporophyte. 2. structure of sperm cells. Mosses are a phylum of non-vascular plants.They produce spores for reproduction instead of seeds and don’t grow flowers, wood or true roots.Instead of roots, all species of moss have rhizoids.The mosses sit within a division of plants called the Bryophyta under the sub-division Musci.. Where can mosses be found? A fern (Polypodiopsida or Polypodiophyta) is a member of a group of vascular plants (plants with xylem and phloem) that reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers.They differ from mosses by being vascular, i.e., having specialized tissues that conduct water and nutrients and in having life cycles in which the sporophyte is the dominant phase. Algae are placed in the kingdom Protista, and bryophytes, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms are placed in the kingdom Planta. moss - Structure and Characteristics - Mosses range in size from microscopic forms to plants more than 40 inches (1 meter) long. Most mosses prefer dark and moist places to grow and can often be … Ferns stand out among garden regulars for their lack of flowers and seeds. The most important feature of mosses and liverworts is that they have no vascular system.A vascular system in plants is a series of tubes that can transport water and nutrients over a distance. In mosses, the gametophyte is the dominant stage of the life cycle; in ferns, the sporophyte is the dominant stage of the life cycle. And mosses don't have vascular tissue. Recent research shows that ancient moss could explain why the Ordovician ice ages occurred. The structure of a fern. Mosses also appear to evolve 2–3 times slower than ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. What are Liverworts – Definition, Characteristics, Examples 2. Moss, any of at least 12,000 species of small nonvascular spore-bearing land plants. Mosses and Liverworts These are the little ones. Terms in this set (83) 1. molecular structure of enzymes inside the chloroplasts. Understanding the characteristics of these plants helps you better identify conifers and ferns. Mosses and ferns do not resemble each other visually but they have botanical similarities. They are best known for those species that carpet woodland and forest floors. Botanically, they belong to the division of non-flowering plants known as Pteridophyta. In moist, shady locations, mosses and ferns cohabiting with one another. Many different types of photosynthetic protistans and plants are known – algae (protistans), bryophytes, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. Listed below is a possible system of classification for these organisms, taken only to the phylum level. Mosses are simple, green little land plants, which are considered as "lower plants". 3. presence of phragmoplasts. Classification of ferns, mosses, and horsetails is undergoing restructuring. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Ferns and mosses are both examples of “primitive plants,” according to J. Stein Carter of the University of Cincinnati Biology Department. 1. Sexual Reproduction in Moss: Mosses produce 2 kinds of gametes (egg & sperm) Gametes of Bryophytes are surrounded by a jacket of sterile cells that keep the cells from drying out; Female gametes or eggs are larger with more cytoplasm & are immobile; Flagellated sperm must swim to the egg through water droplets for fertilization The main difference between liverworts and mosses is that the gametophyte of liverworts is a thallose or a foliose whereas the gametophyte of mosses is a prostrate, branched filamentous structure. Both are plants with primitive origins that produce spores instead of seeds. Mosses are distributed throughout the world except in salt water and are commonly found in moist shady locations. Moss Capsules. 4. rings of cellulose-synthesizing complexes. This confines the ferns to habitats that are moist for atleast part of the time. Ferns, club mosses, and horsetails share two characteristics. 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