People in this sector are employed in different areas, from working in the HR for large corporations, to actually helping children or the elderly, there are many different things … Working Across Different Industries Published on December 1, 2014 December 1, 2014 • 29 Likes • 0 Comments. Page navigation. The time people spend at work also did not seem to heavily influence the results. While these seven industries have the greatest number of work-from-home jobs, there are … Accountancy, banking … Get an insight into the UK's industries and find out about jobs, training, and key issues. You can find work from home jobs on sites like We Work Remotely or Remote OK, or you can type “work from home” or “telecommute” when you search for jobs on a site like Indeed. What Are the Different Business Industries? ... Jobs and work experience. This industry is highly affected by technology. You can also check out lists of careers organized by other categories, such as type of position (seasonal, part-time, etc. Music industry one among the many types of business industries that run on the passion of people who works in it. While this is good advice, it doesn't take into account that working in different industries can be a plus as well. Fatema El-Wakeel, MBA, CMA Follow Top Industries to Work in as a Project Manager The following industries have been researched and discovered to be the five best industries to work as a project manager: Health Sector —The ever-busy health sector consists of a network of multiple projects, thus in … People in these positions work with supply chains and may earn a commission for their sales work. Job seekers are often advised to specialize in order to get the plum positions. For example, biotech/pharma professionals generally make more than those in manufacturing, but manufacturing workers had higher job satisfaction. While this is good advice, it doesn't take into account that working in different industries can be a plus as well. Interestingly, the industries people enjoyed working the most did not seem to be based primarily on salary. Browse articles about industries - HBS Working Knowledge: The latest business management research and ideas from HBS faculty. The least popular industries include transportation and logistics, health care, and education. There are ten different main business industries, including transportation and communications; mining; agriculture, forestry, and fishing; construction; manufacturing; finance, insurance, and real estate; retail trade; wholesale trade; services; and public administration. Things are done differently in different industries and so is the technology levels and pace. This industry is made of Musicians, Composers, Lyrics writers, singers, instrument players. The Best and Worst Industries To Work For In 2016 [New Data] ... we averaged the company ratings in each industry to come up with the least and most popular industries to work in. Job sectors. ), and explore jobs that pay particularly well. Small Business Industry Statistics Different Business Majors Business Industry Research Top Business Industries Different Business Names Business Industries List Different Business Model Here's some information on a variety of different careers, organized by industry. Old are the days when people used to buy CDs and DVDs. Though lawyers and bankers are known for working long hours, they still … Job seekers are often advised to specialize in order to get the plum positions. “People enjoy working in the wholesale industry because it usually involves interacting with clients the wholesaler has a long-standing business relationship with,” says Tamryn Hennessy, vice president of career services at Rasmussen College. In Pictures: The Happiest And Unhappiest Industries To Work In Heading the list of the unhappiest industries to work in is agriculture and mining, with an index score of 3.76. 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