Answer. The first step in recharging your system is to locate the low side service port (or low-pressure port). Liquid refrigerant charging is always faster than low side vapor charging. All automotive air conditioning systems are (nearly) closed loops with a high-pressure side and low-pressure side. Adding refrigerant to the low side as a liquid can slug the compressor, damaging it. Adding more refrigerant just changes the locations of where it changes between … This will let you add a measured refrigerant charge to the low side of the system while still making an accurate measurement of the refrigerant measured in ounces. Step 3: Observe the pressure readings. ... Phil I am trying to add leak sealer to low side of my. When the refrigerant is drawn into the compressor, it is in a low-pressure gaseous form. Running a system check can determine whether that’s the case. Though every air conditioning system will vary, you want to see the high side pressure around 20 psi and the low side around 40 psi. Compressor takes refrigerant gas at low pressure and temperature (about 40F) and compresses it. The high and low sides on a home A/C compressor are also known as its discharge and suction lines. If both the high and the low side are below these readings then you may need to add refrigerant. The problem is the low and high side gauge readings will stay fairly constant from a half pound under-charge to a half pound over-charge. You are supposed to hold the can with the valve on the top so that the "gas" at the top of the can is drawn into the AC system. If the tank is low, and you have decided that you are comfortable enough with this project to proceed, then it is time to add refrigerant to your heat pump. That's where you hook up the hose. By identifying the exhaust-side valve, you can quickly find the suction side of a refrigerator's compressor. Adding refrigerant when these items are damaged or malfunctioning will further damage the AC unit. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. A/C Pro is the easy repair anyone can do! ... (low pressure) side do not match the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. Step 2: Restart the engine and turn on the air conditioning. The compressor has a high blood pressure about 263 PSIG and temperature up to 170F. The male plug of the heating element can be plugged into any 110-115 volt AC outlet. Every auto air conditioning system has two service ports: one on the high pressure and one on the low pressure side. R22 or R410a can be dangerous. They allow the same refrigerant, which evaporates at 40F condense at 120F. Do you need to Charge an AC Unit with Refrigerant? Running a system check can determine whether that’s the case. Step 4 – Adding Refrigerant. While recharging the system with refrigerant, the 134A manifold gauge pressure should be monitored so the proper amount of refrigerant is used. Adding Freon to Your Automobile's Air Condtioning System: Every automobile parts store I walk in these days has freon for sale. A home A/C compressor is the engine that keeps coolant circulating through an air conditioning system. The thing hadn't been serviced in about 12 years, so I added R-22. This is called hot gas line. These two devices note dividing points between the high pressure and low pressure, or simply high side and low side of the refrigeration system. Compressor: The compressor is a pump driven by a belt attached to the engine's crankshaft. If it starts to frost further. It only takes a few minutes, and you save a ton of money. Thank you for your question. If you can identify one of the valves, you have identified the other. Consult the service manual to verify the exact location of the low-side service port. The high side fitting is located between the AC compressor and condenser. Though every air conditioning system will vary, you want to see the high side pressure around 20 psi and the low side around 40 psi. equal to outdoor ambient). The compressor accomplishes this task by creating high and low pressure areas with the use of a moving piston in a sealed chamber. The low pressure side allows refrigerant to boil at a temperature below the temperature of the space being cooled, absorbing heat. When charging liquid refrigerant to the high side of the system, do u have to flip the refrigerant cylinder upside down - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician. Step 2: Restart the engine and turn on the air conditioning. Also on the high side, interconnecting tubing ("line"), which carries the hot gas from the compressor, the condenser coil. When R-12 was around I was licensed to buy and use it. This was a 5-ton unit. Checking the pressures, both high side and low side were low. 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