Creeping fig, here gracing walls and steps, thrives in the Lower Coastal, and Tropical South in sun or shade. If you let it, creeping fig can cover and smother a small tree. I have creeping fig planted in the ground right up against the foundation of my home and growing up a block foundation and a brick wall here in mid-Georgia. Creeping Fig Leaves Turning Golden - The leaves on my creeping fig vines are all turning a golden color throughout the entire wall. And if growing on a brick wall keep it in check. And their thick foliage … It does not wend it's way under slats and shingles either. It does not have spines. I know it looks great but consider the next owners. Creeping fig (Ficus pumila), an evergreen plant with small, heart-shaped leaves, works as a vine to cover walls, as a ground cover, foundation plant and for topiaries. The ficus pumila is a plant more commonly called creeping fig. Read on to learn more about how to trim creeping fig to keep it looking great (and controlled! Why Are My Ivy Fig Leaves Turning Yellow - I do have my plant on a drip and as far as I can tell the drip is working. You’ll first need to choose a wall for your creeping fig to climb on. Creeping fig care is easy, whether you are growing it indoors or outdoors. It will grow into the seams of vinyl and aluminum siding and pry it apart, and creeping fig can damage painted surfaces from the glue-like substance that adheres it to the wall. It’s earned this latter moniker because it’s a climbing, vine-like plant whose suction-like properties enable it to cling to a wall and grow upward. When the ivy climbs up the brick, it adds beauty and depth to the wall. It has grown up to make a very nice cover for the pedastal. As its aerial roots age and thicken, they may penetrate and crack the brick. Top Questions About Creeping Fig. Fig ivy, also known as creeping fig, is often planted against brick home exteriors. A: I have seen walls covered with the creeping fig (Ficus pumila), and it does give a lovely ivy-covered wall affect. Yes, it does look pretty and it won't damage it fast, but over time it will damage your brick. We've lived here for about 6 months, and so far I've had no negative experiences with this plant -- it's easy to control and not nearly as invasive as some of the other vines in my yard. As its aerial roots age and thicken, they may penetrate and crack the brick. You should test the mortar on stone or brick walls to make sure it is solid before letting climbing plants grow on it. Creeping fig climbs walls and wood easily but does not damage them the way ivy does. Overtime the roots will grow onto walls. The plant’s wandering stems and small leaves create an interesting lacy pattern as the vine grows across the wall. The folks who lived in our house before us constructed a brick pedastal to hold a potted plant and planted creeping fig at the base. It shouldn't be used on wood walls, however, which its sticky tendrils can damage. The tendrils that help it adhere to the wall will work their ways into cracks and tend to want to break up the bricking at the mortar joints. Obviously, your first step in owning a creeping fig is to pick the edifice you want covered. It is not toxic. If you pull the vines from a painted wood wall, the sticky substance can peel off paint and damage the wood. My neighbor has a Cat's Claw and although it also clings to the house, I consider it invasive and messier than the fig. A charming climber with small, heart-shaped leaves, creeping fig (Ficus pumila) will cover unsightly cement, stucco or brick buildings. When the ivy climbs up the brick, it adds beauty and depth to the wall. It can also be used as a groundcover. 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