It will also help you develop your own feng shui eyes. Your house also is not good feng shui when the road outside your house is steep uphill and your house falls at lower level. This one can be corrected by placing a traditional bagua mirror (with the eight trigrams framing the perimeter) facing the oncoming traffic. Here’s a beginner’s guide to cultivating positive energy in every zone. Reply. Why Feng Shui Dislikes Houses at the End of T-junctions One of the main reasons is that the Qi, or “energy”, coming directly from the road is coming straight towards the house. And having a great house means good luck flowing through out a life time. In Forms School Feng Shui, this kind of water configuration in the external environment is In feng shui, your entry represents how energy enters your home and your life. Specifically, it’s problematic when your house is located at the intersection, or top and center of the “T” shape. The blade-liked curves are said to bring bad luck on health. So even if you have bad feng shui in the interior the effect is not important if your home enjoys superb feng shui landscaping. Outside the Bow and Inside the Bow ... the bow,` and `straight.` The latter situation occurs when the watercourse or road that passes in front of one`s house is straight, and there is no curved building in front on one`s house. We see houses built at lower levels and sometimes the road outside is turned straight to a sharp corner. This section’s Feng Shui Tips are Roads lead to the house. What is feng shui. A feng shui house is all about good home design, the arrangement of internal living spaces and integrating aesthetically pleasing decorative elements which promote harmony and a sense of wellbeing. Feng Shui Road Location. Bowing or blade-shaped curves Bending roads shaped like curved blades are considered bad feng shui for Australian homes (and those all over the world!). Shopping for a great feng shui house can be real fun. Part 3 of 8 Saturday, 13 September 2008 15552 viewers. This type of Qi is detrimental to the occupants of the house because it’s too fast and strong. Shopping for a great feng shui house can be real fun. 4. Although having a curved road from the gate to the main door would be more appealing.-Victor. Michael Nguyen. A T-junction house is considered bad feng shui for several reasons. The approach roads to our home and the major highways surrounding our neighbourhood exert a far greater effect on our feng shui than we realize. The location and position of road in relation with the house has significant effects on the well-being and fortunes of the occupants of the homes. This is best feng shui for any home but this may not always be possible. However it is not real water. 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