Some people are nervous about planting herbs or vegetables in galvanized pots because of the health hazards associated with zinc. We’ve compiled a list of the best vegetables for container gardening. Growing veggies in containers is only a little different from growing in the ground or raised beds. Are Galvanized Containers Food Safe? So you don’t have space for an in-ground garden. "Container gardening" is a fairly common practice, and plastic buckets are the medium of choice. Container vegetable gardening allows you to grow delicious vegetables anywhere. If you have limited space or a short growing season, you may be considering growing food in small containers. And by picking the right plants, you can create your own vegetable container garden and grow a fair amount of food in just a few pots! These plants grow very well in containers. "Container gardening" is a fairly common practice, and plastic buckets are the medium of choice. A sunny balcony, patio, courtyard, porch, doorway, or windowsill is all you need to get your small garden growing. Gardeners have used large plastic totes such as those made by Rubbermaid for years without reporting any harmful side effects. Many vegetables are well suited to grow in containers and an old bathtub is really just a large container. How to Grow Vegetables in Containers. Purchase several Rubbermaid containers for your vegetables. Though it is true that plastic products are not natural, what will landless people use to… Gardening in containers is an easy way of growing your own, and you can easily expand with more containers to fit the space you have. Step 4. For your help, we’re adding 20 Best and Most Productive Vegetables to Grow in Pots. 3 Types of Food Safe Containers Perfect for Growing Vegetables. Growing vegetables in self-watering containers works wonderfully well. While it’s true that zinc can be toxic if consumed or breathed in, the danger of growing vegetables near it is very low. Because they're growing in a container, you may need to water the plants more often than you would those planted in the ground. In fact, a bathtub is big enough to be turned into a small garden bed, where your vegetables can thrive without danger of being devoured by underground garden pests. And there are lots of advantages to container gardening. Some people saying that using plastics to grow vegetables and fruits defeats the very idea of growing naturally or organically. Whether you have one simple pot for herbs or a mini-farm full of plants it’s easy to get hooked on the taste of your growing your own fresh produce and the convenience of having them right outside your back door. A window sill, a patio, a balcony or a doorstep will provide sufficient space for a productive mini-garden. Enjoy homegrown tomatoes within arm's reach with these tips. Growing vegetables in pots will require at least six hours of sun, the right potting soil, and adequate amounts of water and drainage to be successful. What about the chemicals that leach out of plastic – are they absorbed by the soil or the food? Use lengths of plastic tube to create semi-circles over your garden plot, then cover with plastic sheeting as needed to protect tender garden plants. Step 3. That’s no reason to give up on growing food at home. Here's a little-known secret: Most vegetables actually grow really well in containers. While it's always better to grow food in the dirt and away from toxins, certain … One of the more common questions I’m asked on the blog is about plastic use, specifically, “What plastics are safe for use in the garden?” Since a lot of Epic Gardening readers are into hydroponics and aquaponics over soil gardening, there are a lot of people with a lot of plastic in their setup that are curious about their safety and place in the garden. Do they cause a health risk? Growing fruits and vegetables involves exposing plants, and the containers they grow in, to lots of light. They are large, easy to use, and incredibly durable. Container gardens do ... Read More about Tips To Grow Vegetables In Containers Leave enough space for each of the plants to reach a mature size. Instead, use the tubs for planting annual or perennial flowers. Growing vegetables in containers is an easy and pleasurable way to garden if you live in an apartment, town house, or condominium. However, with new information about plastic safety, you may be worried about chemicals leaching into your food. Growing vegetables in containers is an easy way to experience the flavor and freshness of home-grown vegetables. 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