The invention of the fridge-freezer has had a huge impact on our ability to keep food fresh and store more of it in our homes. Hotpoint Fridge Freezer troubleshooting. Our Electolux lasted 17 years without any major problems! This has been our worst ever buy, for a fridge freezer! • The refrigerator or the freezer have been over-filled. Yesterday alarms on firidge freezer went off, I checked the freezer and fridge temp and they were both well above what they should have been. Hotpoint NRFAA50x Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting . Common Fridge/Freezer Problems. It had a frayed open wire in the door! The melt water flows back into a collector and then evaporates. When there is a problem in the unit, it stops doing its work properly. In the table below you can read the most common icebox problems, their causes and solutions. This Hotpoint frost free, Fridge/freezer has had problems within the first 8-10 months, and has build up of frost all the time in the freezer! You may have this very common problem with frost-free freezers (I did not know about it and spent a lot of money buying a new one) Common Problem: The ducts at the back, where the fans blow cold air and collect frost for later melting and draining, can get blocked with frost. Hotpoint frost free fridge freezer problems. If you notice any faults or issues with your appliance it can be a worrying time, there is the potential for you to lose time and money if your food is compromised by a breakdown. The method of keeping the freezer frost free is with a timer that stops the compressor and turns on a heater element – melting any ice on the cooling plates. The frost-free freezers eliminate frost by raising the temperature inside the freezer a few times a day, from about 0 degrees to 32 degrees. I have only had this 18-20 months (I think it only had warranty for 1 year). Try this. I had the same problem with my hotpoint fridge freezer. While this still keeps your food at a freezing temperature, it prevents any free-floating water particles from forming into ice, instead collecting them and siphoning them out of the freezer. The power is going in to the fridge/freezer, the interior fridge light also is working, but the fridge is no longer cool and the freezer has defrosted. Explore your appliance. There is moisture on the inner base of my Hotpoint fridge freezer. • The TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT knob is not in the correct position. Hotpoint FF187E/FF200E. Can I fix Hotpoint FF187E/FF200E fridge compartment is not cool.? Moisture or droplets of water on the inner base of your fridge freezer are usually associated with a blocked gutter outlet on the rear inner wall; they could also be caused by items touching the back wall of the appliance. Hotpoint mistral frost free problem ? Hotpoint is a key player in the mid price range fridge freezer market offering a range of free standing , American style models and integrated fridge freezers all of these have identical dimensions to fit a standard kitchen cupboard unit. An icebox is part of a refrigerator intended for freezing and storing food, as well as making ice cubes. Hi I have a problem with my fridge freezer it is a hotpoint FFA74 its about 3 yrs old, and for the last 2 or so maybe the fridge freezes food if something touches the sides it will start to freeze, but now food in the drawers is freezing as well they tell us to defrost! Hotpoint NRFAA50x Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting • The doors do not close properly or the seals are damaged. Hotpoint Freezer troubleshooting. Problem Solution; The internal light does not illuminate • The plug has not been inserted into the electrical socket, or not far enough to make contact, or there is no power in the house: The refrigerator and the freezer do not cool well. I have a Hotpoint mistral frost free, both compartments will not go to the desired temperature, the fridge wont get colder than about 8+-10+ degrees and the freezer wont get any colder than - 12. I have a Hotpoint FRA52 Fridge Freezer. Every twelve hours or so the element behind the plastic bit in the freezer runs through a defrost cycle (so not truly frost free) • The doors are opened too frequently. The problem was that the automatic defrost timer was not working, and as a result no cold air was blowing into the Fridge. 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