The method for draining an inground pool does not differ significantly from the method for an above ground pool. Attach one of those to the pool’s inlet nozzle. If your pool has suffered damage that requires repair work, it likely needs to be drained. The last step here is to get your winter pool cover in place. Without the weight of the water in the pool, serious structural problems can occur for a pool that drains out during winter. Remove the filter and store in a dry area. The first step in closing your pool for the winter is to give it a thorough cleaning. The whole process is the same as for how to drain a swimming pool, with just a … Winter season lasts for approximately three months before the spring season, where you can finally reopen the pool. Adding a winterizing chemical kit to your water will help keep it blue and clear for the next season. Close the pool for winter – but don’t drain it. I'm setting the pump to backwash and letting it drain, but when the swimming pool water level goes below the skimmers it stops pumping. Whether you're a new pool owner with a stunning pool design or veteran home pool pro, this guide contains important information for all classes of pool ownership.. Steps to winterize a swimming pool: The method described below whereby pool plumbing pipes are blown out and sealed first was most widely performed in New England and the East coast of the US. Take the drain plug off the bottom of the filter and drain all the water. Drain the water from the pool pump and the filter tank by removing all the drain plugs located at the bottom of the pump and the tank. A reader asks: I'm attempting to drain my inground plaster swimming pool for the first time, to do some plaster repairs.I have never drained it before. Now, with your pool properly buttoned-up for winter, all you need to do is pay attention to the amount of water that accumulates on the cover. As temperatures drop each fall, you will need to follow specific steps for closing your pool for the winter. The first step in the winterization procedure is to make sure your water chemistry is balanced, including the pool's pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. ... no longer allowing the water from the cover to drain into the pool. Reasons to Drain. I guess it's sucking air from the skimmers. Several factors might make it necessary to drain your inground pool. How to Winterize & Close an Inground Pool. During winter, the cold temperature will harm the pool. If the pool has a mesh cover or a solid cover with a drain panel, it's a good idea to add slow-acting enzymes to the water. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore some of the core reasons why you should absolutely keep water in the pool over winter and how this ultimately saves you a lot of money. How to Winterize a Fiberglass Pool. How to drain inground pool. How to Close And Winterize A Swimming Pool (Inground And Above Ground Instructions) Pool closing time is usually a sad time of year. They will digest any oily residue that gets into the water during the winter. Winterize is a term used to describe preparation made on the house, automobile, or swimming pool for winter use. A leak in the skimmer may not pose a problem, but a leak in the pool light, main drain or a rip in a vinyl liner can remove the supporting water level your pool cover needs. If too much water accumulates on your cover, use a cover pump or the same siphon pump you used to drain your pool, and rid your cover of its excess winter weight. Welcoming winter, it has to be covered, or winterized. Doing this will protect the edge of the pool from staining and etching. ... Winter Pool Care Instructions. 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