You would be better off, in my opinion, to carefully cut around jamb for flooring. Before installing laminate flooring, there are some steps which have to be taken as to do the job in a professional manner. In my opening photo is a door jamb hand saw, which can be purchased for under 20.00 at the big box stores. This is the recommended way to install at doorways allowing for possible expansion/movement Being in Perth WA this frame is metal. When I notice this I cut the transition at the angle of the door jamb. Cutting your own door jambs with a hand saw is the least expensive way. It may be slight, but it is noticeable once the trim is installed. When cutting the laminate flooring trim I want the transition to be as close to each side of the door jamb as possible. But what tool can be used to accomplish this? It's a good idea in theory but in practise getting a nice square cut across the bottom of metal door frames is going to be much harder than getting a nice close cut in the flooring. I don't think i can cut the door frames . Determining how much to cut off can be a problem. Anyone undercutting metal door frames for flooring ? The guy that installed our floor cut the bottoms of the steel door frames with and angle grinder and the boards went under the frames. I would like to put down a laminate floor. You can usually tell by looking at it to see if its angled. Home Depot in canada … Re: Cutting Metal Door Frame skeeter2; I wouldn't cut the bottom of a metal jamb. How To Cut Around Door Frames Laminate Flooring Siteframes Co. I've read everywhere that I should cut the bottom of the door frame (to lay the laminate underneath) with a undercut saw but how do I cut the bottom of the metal door frame? I'm installing laminate and have noticed that the doors (4 doors) have a metal frame. One of the absolute necessities of a neat professional finish when installing a solid wood, engineered or laminate floor is the ability to cut into door frames and architraves so the flooring can be neatly slid under. When the flooring moves, and it will, it will buckle at the first obstruction, if there is no other place for it to go. This article is about how to lay laminate flooring around doors. What should i do to get the best look. I don't know if he used a special grinder but it was able to cut very close to the floor, leaving min gap between the bottom of the frame and the floor. Some metal door casings do not need to be on the floor. Installing Laminate Around Doors Flooring Diy Room Home. I have successfully undercut metal casings with a metal cutting blade to allow the material to be slipped under the casing, just as it is with wood casings. Cutting around door frames . In other words, cut off a little, try it and cut off a little more if necessary. When we moved in, the front door wouldn't open all the way; it drug the floor at about 70 degrees from full open. Sometimes the door jamb is not installed square. I have researched this issue in installing laminate flooring in metal framed doorways without getting a definitive answer. The best option for covering gaps in laminate flooring is by using custom pieces. Therefore, one of the most important steps is to cut off the door jambs, to facilitate the installation of the laminate flooring boards under the door way. If so how goes ? This is by far the best way to finish a floor at any doorway. Common hallway for bed and bathrooms 5 door openings - installing porcelain. This is by far the best way to finish a floor at any doorway. Which jigsaw blades to use. The best option for covering gaps in laminate flooring is by using custom pieces. Go to the place where you bought your flooring, or any home improvement store that stocks flooring. You can rent or purchase an electric jamb saw if you prefer. If in doubt, sneak up on it. I live in an older apartment that has metal door frames. This article is about how to lay laminate flooring around doors. How to Cut a Metal Track for Laminate Floor Molding Transitional molding is used wherever the hight, direction, or flooring surface changes. Installation videos of how to install laminate flooring. I guess it could apply to laminate also. You don't want to cut … If you are doing a laminate flooring installation that only requires making straight cuts, you will need a circular saw. 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