They come in nearly every color imaginable, and each plant produces a profusion of flowers. And that’s great news, as pinching out all those faded flowers on a petunia, with its stems that are so disagreeably sticky, has never been a lot of fun. I watch gardeners are they pick up their petunias and how they take care of the dead bloom. 9 years ago. This practice, called "deadheading," encourages blooming by preventing seed formation. Keep your petunia plants beautiful by removing wilting or dying blooms. Compost: After you finished deadheading all of your petunias, add the dead blossoms to your compost. Petunias are divided into two different groups: Grandiflora petunias have very large flowers and are best grown in containers or hanging baskets (because they are more susceptible to rain damage). More recent introductions, such as the wildly popular wave petunias and the petunia look-alike Calibrachoa, or Million Bells, are much more carefree and low maintenance. It’s not necessary to deadhead ground-planted petunias, but you’ll certainly want to cut off faded blooms from container plants. Help! Fertilize for prolific blooms. I have to water them every night and they are still dying off. They are the trailing kind which hang over the side. Deadheading Petunias: How To Deadhead Petunia Flowers Petunias are among the most popular of garden flowers. The most recent plant to switch to the “no-need-to-deadhead” category is the petunia. They get full sun from noon-dark. Petunias are one of the most popular garden flowers for both borders and containers. So plan your growing application accordingly. However, if you plant petunias in containers they’ll need to be watered almost daily. ... Easy-care petunias can't get enough of the sun. Unfortunately, those colorful blossoms die off quickly, leaving you the job of deadheading petunias. TIP: Petunias in containers are more prone to leggy development. The plants may require more frequent waterings in drought conditions, of course. How to Prune Petunias. Many just pull the bloom out of the stem, which is wrong because you are leaving the seed there to develop. However, if the plants begin to look forlorn, leggy and ragged in midsummer, it's fine to cut them back to about half their length. TIP: Petunias in containers are more prone to leggy development. They're usually grown as annuals in all of the U.S. Department of Agriculture zones. If you plant petunias in a bed, and you aren’t in the midst of a drought, you should be able to get by with watering them one time per week because they’re heat tolerant. However, if the plants begin to look forlorn, leggy and ragged in midsummer, it's fine to … Once a pain to deadhead, most modern petunias will now bloom all summer with no pruning at all! Large, lush hanging baskets of petunias or pansies hanging from lampposts on the street, or cascading from the front porch of your neighbor’s home. They are good for containers and hanging baskets and will do fine planted directly in the ground. If you want to keep these petunias looking beautiful, you should deadhead them more often. Petunias are annual flowers that blossom in the spring until the first frost in the fall. Although it may not be practical to deadhead masses of petunias in the garden, it's a must for flowering annuals in containers. But no plant is completely impervious to problems and you might find yourself with wilting petunias some day. Get deadheading tips for petunias here.. Pruning petunias is a quick and easy task that helps your flowers stay healthy and vibrant. This plant grows as … Petunias are among the most popular of garden flowers. Petunias are an annual flower that blooms late spring until the first frost in fall. Petunias are greedy and needy plants when it comes to fertilizer. Deadheading a petunia extends the time that the flowers will grow blooms. If you want to keep these petunias looking beautiful, you should deadhead them more often. 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