Here are five of our favorite ways to eat this tree-like cruciferous vegetable. Broccoli. Ask yourself "would I eat broccoli right now?" When cooking broccoli, you might notice a sulfur-like odor; this odor indicates that you may have purchased a less-than-fresh bunch of broccoli from your supermarket or local farm stand. Broccoli is famously hated by two-year-olds and presidents alike. It may be cliché, but most kids hate this green cruciferous vegetable. You either love it or you hate it. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t like vegetables, but they are the pinnacle of health when it comes to your diet — these fiber-filled rockstars are key players when it comes to healthy digestion, weight management, satiety, longevity, and disease prevention. A new cooking method (roasting, perhaps? And if you have children, you’re probably dealing with more hate than love when it comes to this cruciferous vegetable. You may also like. Do you hate vegetables? Snacking while you are trying to stay fit can be tricky as so many snacks don’t keep you full and satisfied for long. If you still can’t choke them down, no pressure: spit them out and have done with it. If you have a veggie hater in your crowd, you might have to work extra hard to root out ingredients and dishes that they'll enjoy. Moral of the story: if you, like me, are just a picky eater trying to make your palette more sophisticated, then have no fear. However, if the broccoli goes bad all these nutrients are lost and can even harm our body. I don’t find broccoli bitter, it’s just gross? Here's the reason why so many people really hate broccoli . Check out these easy and handy options that range from hearty main dishes to sides and even cake for dessert. Conclusion How To Eat Broccoli Stalks: 7 Ways To Use Them To Make Your Meals More Nutritious! – Our favorite way to eat broccoli is in a spicy raw salad, like this recipe for Sexy, Spicy Broccoli from Melissa Clark. You can find instructions on how to grow sprouts by viewing a step-by-step guide at The possibilities for broccoli are endless, so those of you … If you eat more than usual, it may change how your body responds to your medicine. Turn Foods You Hate Into Foods You Love With This 5-Step ... you're just going to have to eat it. Vegetables aren't at the top of everyone's list of favorite foods. Raw! Go ahead and eat. - I hope you had a great answer after reading this post! But don’t assume that just because you hated something once, that you’ll hate it forever after! But it’s a powerhouse of green nutrients and delicious flavor too. You either love it or you hate it. Broccoli used to be an off-limits vegetable to me, but when I learned about its advantages, I immediately changed my mind. Fortunately, you can use a few tips when cooking your broccoli to stop the vegetable from smelling as badly while retaining its vitamins and minerals. Broccoli. Maybe you’re most accustomed to seeing raw broccoli on veggie trays on catering trays. Stay with me here: You may have grown up eating soggy boiled green beans or overcooked broccoli, but as an adult, you have the power to stop cooking veggies until they turn into mush. 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