After a few days, decide which fabric works best in space. Add an additional 1’ to 2’ and cut the fabric. For an extra plush look, cover your wall with batting before adding the fabric. Fabric wall hangings add variety and visual interest to your decor and can help you create a room that is more than just ordinary. The length of your fabric strips needs to be the measurement from the center of the ring to the floor. Step 2: Determine where you’d like to hang the ring or disc. Bring swatches of assorted backed fabrics home from fabric store and tape up on wall using painter's tape. Making a fabric wall hanging is a little more complicated than just nailing a length of fabric to your wall (that wouldn’t work because the fabric would pull and warp), but it’s actually not much more complicated. Then I stitch a strip of the hooked Velcro to the back of the piece I want to hang. How to Hang Your Mini Quilt . Hanging fabric requires no nails, tape, staples or harsh glues. If the lengths of fabric will wrap around windows, it is a good idea to pre-fit them and cut them roughly to size. Never nail textiles to a wall; you'll ruin them forever. Start from the top and work your way down, smoothing out wrinkles as you go (if at the edge of your wall, work out and down from the corner). Option 1: Dowel Rod with Pocket One option is to thread a dowel rod through a pocket or sleeve on the top of your quilt back. DIY Fabric Wall Hanging — If you’re looking for a statement piece of wall art, this DIY fabric wall hanging is a super inexpensive craft project for updating your home decor! This part is a little fiddly, because you want your panel to hang straight and even. If you want to make a dramatic statement in a room without damaging the walls, try hanging large pieces of fabric. Hang the cord on the hook and — voila! — you have a gorgeous, totally customized piece of wall art to call your own. In order for fabric to adhere to wall, it must have fabric or acrylic backing. Bring swatches of assorted backed fabrics home from fabric store and tape up on wall using painter's tape. Be careful not to stretch the fabric as you work, and take care to keep it level. If you don't mind putting holes in your drapes you could hang hooks on the wall behind where you want the pictures to hang, cut holes in the drapes, and hang them that way. This is an easy project that takes less than an hour to … And the wall was already primed with two coats of primer, so it was ready to be “wallpapered”, or so I thought. It all depends on the method you use for hanging your fabric. Fabric without backing can be custom-backed by local fireproofing and backing shops. Use a curtain rod to hang a long piece of fabric on a narrow wall for a dramatic accent. When fabric and dampness get together, mold is born -- and a moldy basement is not a healthy place to hang out. 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