They used to be very popular in wealthy houses from the end of the nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century. Pocket Closet Door Ideas Closet Doors inside measurements 1064 X 1600 Pocket Closet Door Ideas - Fantastic role-playing starts with an excellent character. Store smarter with a pocket door. A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears, when fully open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors have long been popular because they “disappear” into a wall, so there’s no swinging door in either adjoining room. In new construction and renovations, pocket doors are great, but replacing an existing door with a pocket door would mean opening up the walls around the door to install the pocket mechanism, and probably isn't practical. I think it is about time for another half bathroom post. ... How to Install, Adjust or Remove a Pocket Door While basic types are used for closets and bathrooms, heavier, more elaborate double pocket doors are available for areas where appearance is important. When open, the door is invisible to the naked eye, and when shut, a pocket door looks similar to ordinary doors. Step 6. Use drywall of the same thickness as the existing drywall -- usually 1/2-inch. We chose to save space by installing a pocket door frame in the bathroom, freeing up the 8 or 9 square feet of floor space from the door swing, opening up the area behind the door to make our upcoming new built-in storage more accessible and — this is a big one in our house — preventing our girls from smashing each other’s fingers in the hinges when they inevitably fight over the bathroom. That way, you can remove entire studs instead of cutting them and reroute wires as needed. The “disappearing” aspect of the doors presents a neat aesthetic option to a home, and for certain floor plans this feature is critical to avoid doors … They are hung from the top by means of a rail which is mounted on the door frame header. Pocket doors are space-saving doorways that provide privacy yet allow for both open and closed positions for doors. Next, install the slider track using the rails that came in your pocket door kit. Description from Two adjacent pocket doors, leading into separate rooms, can both use the same cavity (if a wide enough cavity is planned in from the outset) You can even configure curved doors sliding into curved walls; Another space-saving option is to have one door sliding across two … As you can see, step 1 is like five days long and step 2 takes 90 seconds. These easy-to-install doors save floor space since the door disappears into the wall when opened. Rather than swinging out into the room, a pocket door slides sideways into the wall. pneumatic nail gun for attaching door molding; How to Install a Pocket Door: I will go by the instruction numbers listed on the Johnson Hardware directions, to make it a bit easier to follow along, so remember I was not the genius that broke these steps down. Spread a second coat of joint compound and scrape it with a 6-inch blade, feathering the edges into the wall. A pocket door is simply a sliding door that slides back into the wall cavity when opened. You can see below how the door opened up into the hall and it was just annoying.. we could never see what was on the wall. Then cut the exposed studs to make room for the new framing. No more smashing the door open into the toilet! 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