And that's it -- you should be now ready to enjoy your pool for the season. Pull the cover off, and let the water go into the pool. In order to keep off water off the swimming pool cover, follow these simple tips to make it an easier job. A faulty cable and winch can break and release. Here are some helpful closing tips: Take care to pump excess water off of the cover as it collects. I donno. I do lower the water below the return and have no problems, the pool that was here when I bought my house was destroyed from the cover filling with water (thaw then a refreeze I guess). Wind can then easily blow the cover off. Hi! I donno. cost for additional pvc to modify the intex cover support for new pool, about $20 bucks for a few more 8 ft 3/4 pieces and some T fittings. Try to keep leaves and debris off the cover and check the pool cover regularly for damage. At the same time, removing it incorrectly may damage the pool water since it sends debris, such as leaves and dirt, into the pool. Some water might freeze, which can stress your cover more. There are a few key tricks to keeping water and other debris off your pool cover to protect it. Remove debris and water off your pool cover. Ideas for keeping the cover from falling in an above ground pool. out before pumping off the water. I then turn on the water and allow some water to flow onto the cover then turn off the water unscrew from the spigot and put it on the ground. Keep reading to discover best practices to remove water from a pool cover. will I do it? This was a brand new cover when I closed the pool last season. However, snow and rain have left quite a bit of water on the cover. And once it melts and it’s time to remove the cover, all that dirty water will get dumped straight into your pool if you don’t pump it off. Use a garden hose, and try to siphon some of the water off. Do not store sharp objects on top of your pool cover. Best Ways To Remove Water From The Pool Cover WeT HeaD March 8, 2010 Pools 5 Comments If you have water on top of your above ground or in-ground swimming pool cover you will need to remove it before you can remove the cover from the swimming pool. Winter is finally over, and it's time to remove the cover from my above ground pool. Use a garden hose, and try to siphon some of the water off. The cover goes on, it rains, water is now on top of the cover and it sags in. This will make the debris much lighter and easier to haul. Put this debris into a container that has holes in it to allow the water to drain. I see three options. I use a leaf cover until all the leaves are done falling,then take it off and then keep it uncovered for the winter. Add a total of 6 inches to each measurement to allow the PVC pipe pool cover to sit flat on the ground around the swimming pool. I've got an 18'x4', and every year I have the same problem. That's where the strain is. The Importance of Removing the Water On the surface, an inch or two of water on your pool cover doesn’t seem like a lot, but an inch or two of water across the surface of a pool can add up to several gallons. ... lower-cost vinyl and solar covers will still keep the water warm. There was a lot of rain water and leaves I pumped off of the cover and I had 2 full size diverters that were totally deflated so the cover was sagging in the middle. The cover goes on, it rains, water is now on top of the cover and it sags in. Otherwise, not just that the pool cover can be damaged but it is extremely dangerous too. The first good wind we had (in NW Ohio) blew all of the clips off. The experts also discuss what factors are the most important for choosing a pool cover pump. The Importance of Removing the Water. If the cable and winch is old, replace it. How to keep your pool cover water- and snow-free. Small children can drown in the collected water on the top of your pool cover. Just one of 10 smart reasons for buying a swimming pool cover. What typically will happen when this is attempted is that all of that dark brown water and decaying plant matter will get dumped into the clean water left below, so the stuff the cover was supposed to keep out, is now mixed with the pool water you were going to salvage. 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