Tags: citrus trees, gardening Meyer lemon normally grows outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through … Find out all you need to know regarding tips and tricks on pruning, watering and repotting. When you grow a lemon tree in a pot, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. How can I revive a Meyer Lemon Tree with no leaves? That’s why you’ll find this guide very useful. Happy Lemon Trees. Answer Citrus trees or lemon, orange trees make interesting and attractive indoor plants.They provide year-round interest,with fragrant white flowers, followed by small fruits which take 4-6 months to reach full size.The fruits can be picked at any time after ripening,and will retain their flavour on the tree for several months. I've just been given a lemon tree as a wedding gift. How often to water it? Still, it is best to seek out dwarf varieties of lemon trees. How to Care for a Lemon Tree. They provide year-round interest, with fragrant white flowers, followed by small fruits which take 4-6 months to reach full size. Also, some citrus plants are more fragile than others. Tags: citrus trees, gardening Could someone please advise me on how to best look after it? Tags: citrus trees, gardening Ask Question Asked 4 years, 9 months ago. If growing indoors, set the tree in front of a south-facing window. Viewed 51k times 4. Lemon Tree Care, 3.7 out of 5 based on 21 ratings . Is there a chance that it will ever revive itself? You can also supplement natural light with a fluorescent light, especially in the winter. If necessary, pruning may be done to maintain their shape and height. Question How can I look after my indoor lemon tree? Lemon trees require deep watering once weekly. Lemon trees don't like wet feet, and as a general rule, they don't need much watering. For example, lemon trees can tolerate temperatures down to 5°C, whereas limes can only tolerate temperatures down to 10°C and Calamondin oranges only 13°C. Let’s look at how to grow a lemon tree in a pot. Answer Citrus trees or orange and lemon trees make interesting and attractive indoor plants. Happy Lemon Trees. How often to water it? Heights of around 3 to 5 feet can be expected for a lemon tree growing indoors. How to Plant a Lemon Tree in a Container. A Meyer lemon tree (Citrus x meyeri) is believed to be a cross between a lemon tree and an orange tree, and it is a suitable indoor tree because of its size. However, as soon as it becomes cold they need to be moved indoors. A lemon tree that is well watered, adequately fertilised and protected from pests will return the favour year after year with it’s beauty and an abundance of zesty fruit. Small dimensions, glossy-green leaves and fragrant white flowers make the Meyer lemon tree (Citrus x meyerii) a desirable houseplant for cold-winter climates. First of all, container lemon trees will not get as large as lemon tree grown in the ground. Plus, watering a lemon tree's foliage and fruit can make it more susceptible to disease. Native to California, the lemon cypress tree is known for its greenish-yellow foliage and fresh lemony fragrance. Lemon trees are evergreen citruses with a pleasant aroma that produce tart, yellow fruits. thanks Frost will kill a lemon tree, so pay close attention to the weather forecast to ensure you bring it indoors in time. However, as soon as it becomes cold they need to be moved indoors. No one wants a dead lemon tree and taking care of it indoors can be challenging, especially if you live in the area that’s not suited for lemon. I really want to take good care of it but I haven't had brilliant relationships with plants before. Meyer lemon is hardy from zones 8 to 11 but can also be grown inside. So does a dwarf lemon tree. Place your lemon tree near a south-facing window. 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