If you want to winterize your own swimming pool this is something that the average pool owner can accomplish. There is a special non-toxic anti-freeze made specifically for swimming pools. Add another quart of algaecide in the spring, about 4-6 weeks before you open. Swimming pool lines transfer pool water from the central body of the pool to the pool's filter and pump system. Fact is, blowing lines clear in regions where cold climate are present is critical. Correctly closing up your swimming pool in the fall will also lighten your workload next year when getting it ready for the new swim season. Non-toxic pool antifreeze can be added to pipes as added insurance against leaking plugs, or if you do not blow out the lines, you can pour enough pool antifreeze into the underground pipes to prevent freeze damage. Again, give us what typer of compressor you have. Remove the site glass, the plug at the bottom of the filter and pressure gauge. I had a company come out and close my pool last winter. If you blow from the pump side, a 6 gallon 150 psi compressor should work. In any case, you should add pool line antifreeze to your plumbing lines. Flush out the lines for about 30 seconds and turn off your filter. I don't know if it would make a diference but it may help keep the antifreeze from mixing back into the pool water. It's environmentally safe and not the same as what we put in our automobiles. More options You must log in or register to reply here. However, you would have to use a very large amount of anti-freeze, or any dissolved substance for that matter, in order to significantly reduce the freezing point of a large body of water such as a pool. Set the diverter handle to filter and turn the pump back on. Safe for all types of pool plumbing, plug the lines at the pool and then drain and/or siphon out the water with a hose. Especially for a concrete ingound pool. How would you suggest getting antifreeze into the return lines, and into the skimmer line? Usually swimming pool owners in the northern states that have freezing temperatures will want to do this to help avoid costly repairs. do not use antifreeze in the pool equipment though, blow these out or make sure that they have drained completely. Winterize your pool to protect it from freezing temperatures during the cooler months that could cause costly damages to your water lines, pool heater and other devices. (pool antifreeze is non-toxic, so you won't have to worry about getting it into the pool in the spring.) It is important to set the diverter handle to waste when first running your pump because if you live in a climate that freezes, most likely you have pool antifreeze in your lines so they don’t freeze. So, I know that the RV (pink) antifreeze is safe for the pool, but I seem to remember from last year that it leaves a lingering slight odor to the water and makes the water a bit foamy for while after opening. If you want to winterize your own swimming pool this is something that the average pool owner can accomplish. Common Pool Closing Mistakes. Champion Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze Keeps Pool Lines From Freezing. Swimming pool lines are often quite long and buried underground to hide them from view. Specifically, does it get poured into the returns from the pool end, or from the pump end? Part of the closing process for an in-ground pool involves plugging the pool plumbing by inserting plugs into the skimmer hole. I've searched through the various threads, but still have a question: we've blown out all our lines, and had no problem getting antifreeze into the waterfall line (it runs downhill!) Once everythng is plugged, put the mulitport on rinse to blow the water out of the filter. 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