thick doors. Look for the C-clip securing the lock to the drawer if there are no screws. Trace the cam onto the exterior of the metal filing cabinet with a felt-tipped marker. Pull the lock bolt tab off the rear of the lock and pull the cylinder out of the drawer. The Defender Security 5/8 in. The method you use to remove a desk drawer lock depends on how the manufacturer has secured the lock to the drawer. Cam locks are key-operated metal cylinder locks with a latch or cam on the end. Shop an extensive metal cam lock selection to find the particular style that suits your locking needs, such as a disc lock or tubular lock to secure drawers, doors and windows, or a pin tumbler lock for mailboxes. Step 2 Pull apart the two parts of the desk fastened by the bolt and cam. ". Step 4. Live by this rule; "If all else fails, read the directions. Hope this helps. Insert the tip of a Philips head screwdriver into the X slot on the side of the cam and twist it counterclockwise to unlock the cam from the metal bolt. A cam lock from Grainger can help improve security at your workplace. What are these funny looking fasteners that come with do it yourself furniture? Ensure that the lock bolt on the back of the lock aligns properly with the locking mechanism in the cabinet. The other end of the "Z" is where you can press with your thumb. Replacement Cam Lock Cylinder for RVs - Keyed Alike Option - Stainless Steel - 7/8" Long part number 295-000003 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service. Use them if you need frequent access to a line. Below every camlock, there usually is a screw. Turn all the cams counter clockwise. With thepalm of the hand, pop the top upward, away from the cams. Unscrew the screw and out comes a spring and a keeper that holds the camlock in. ". It seems they were grabbing the chuck with only four cam locks. How to Unlock a Cam Lock in Furniture Assembly. The steps must be followed to assemble correctly. If possible, remove one of the cams and go to a hardware provider. Step 2. Pry the C-clip off with a flat-head screwdriver. Turn all the cams counter clockwise. With thepalm of the hand, pop the top upward, away from the cams. Place one end of the torque wrench into the lock, and apply pressure with your thumb. A key change may require you to remove old cam locks to make way for replacements. The lock consists of a metal plate, which is called a cam, that is attached to the core of the locking device and rotates as the key is inserted and turned. If you misplace a key or just want to change locks, you will need to remove the existing desk drawer lock. One end of the "Z" should be in the lock (it doesn't have to go in far), with the straight segment parallel to the face of the cabinet. 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