A good quality (preferably organic) potting … This is a good time to divide a large spider plant and create new plants, or just repot in a new planter one size larger. Repot the plant before the roots become overcrowded. Clip as many baby spider plants from the mother plant as you wish to root. Spider plants grow fairly quickly and can easily become pot bound. I have a spider plant that's about 6 years old. Cut back the stolon to the base of the mature spider plant. These plants grow fast and the tuberous roots can crack open a flower pot. Should I repot my spider plant? You will know that its time to repot when: You start to notice that the soil dries out more quickly than usual after watering. If you happen to go away and forget to water your spider plants, the tips may become brown, but it will most likely be fine for a few weeks until you return. Don’t wait for your spider plant to outgrow the container. Spider plants can be easily propagated as well through division of the mother plant or by planting the small spiderettes. Spider plants have very strong roots, and when a plant becomes root bound, the roots can crack the pot. However, if you like, you can stick the spiderette in a glass of water for a week or two, then plant the rooted spiderette in a pot of soil. 100% Upvoted. How to Repot a Plant. Fill the bottom of the pot with soil, then place the plant’s roots in the soil. The roots are filling up the pot, preventing water from soaking to the root system. Spider plants do not appreciate direct, hot sunlight, which can burn their leaves, causing brown tips and spots. Spider plants can be grown outdoors as annuals during the summer. When you see roots coming out of the drainage holes its a sign that your plant is root-bound. Fill a small jar or cup with water. Repotting Materials 1 – 14″w x 9″h decorative plastic pot; directly planted in A dull bread knife & a sharp floral knive. It?s important to start spider plant repotting before this happens. Use a general-purpose potting soil or soilless medium for spider plant repotting. Divide your spider plant if you want to keep the size under control, or repot it … Click here for … You know that it is time to repot your spider plant when roots are either growing from the drainage holes on the bottom of the pot or when you see roots coming up from the soil. ... Thrifted this plant stand which is just like one my grandma used to have. Removing the baby spiderettes is rather simple. Or if your babies don't have roots yet you can root them in water. You may plant the base of the plantlet into a separate pot with soil while still attached to the mature spider plant. Planting spiderettes in potting soil is the easiest and quickest way to propagate spider plant babies. If a plant is too large to repot, you can top dress the soil by carefully removing the top few inches of soil and replacing it with new compost. Sort by. The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a very adaptable houseplant that can be found in many homes. Let the water sit for 24 hours so the chlorine dissipates. Keep plants in bright to moderate indirect sunlight. best. Spider Plants do have large tuberous roots that will fill their pots faster than most plants. I have a simple rule of thumb. Keep adding soil and tucking it around the roots until all the roots are covered. This is a simple trim to check for root rot, don’t cut too far back on the roots. Repot the plant before the roots become overcrowded. Insert each baby spider plant into the water in a canning jar, making sure that just the underside of the baby spider plant is beneath the water. When the babies start to get roots on them you can cut them from the plant and put them in potting soil and they'll grow. If you grow spider plants, you don't really need to do much to make them "have babies." Water your plant thoroughly. It takes a week or so for them to get roots and then you can plant … comment. It is typically easy to care for, and it will grow well in a variety of environments. When you repot your spider plant, you may need to trim the roots as well, but this should only be required once every year or two. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Spider plants have very strong roots, and when a plant becomes root bound, the roots can crack the pot. 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