I always insist on knowing what lies within, so of course, I had to perform an eggtopsy (ie: crack that bad-boy open). When you crack open an egg, you will know it is bad because the smell is horrible and the yoke is kind of blended with the white of the egg, which is not white. I know for a fact that fresh eggs do not always equal tighter whites. How can I tell if a cracked egg (uncooked) is good or bad? If you've been tossing your eggs based on the dates on your carton—you could be wasting perfectly good food. You will know. In general, there are five main reasons why you have to face this avoidable problem. Read this article to find out more about how to tell if an egg is good or bad. Summary: If an egg is past the sell-by or expiration date, it may still be good to use. And there are those recipes that call for only egg whites or yolks. If the hard boiled egg is still in its shell, you may have to crack it open in order to notice any odor. Put the egg into a bowl of water. The way to know a good egg, is to put the egg into a pan of cold water; the fresher the egg, the sooner is will fall to the bottom; if rotten, it will swim at the top.There is a small air pocket in the large end of the egg. Eggs are safe to consume even if the packaged date tells us to discard them. The best way to test if your eggs are still good after you've boiled them is, again, the smell test. Eggs that have gone bad usually smell bad after they are cracked open. And there are those recipes that call for only egg whites or yolks. Especially if you only buy eggs every couple of weeks. If the hard boiled egg is still in its shell, you may have to crack it open in order to notice any odor. 2. Because eating a bad egg can cause food poisoning, it's better to be safe than sorry. How To Tell If An Egg Is Bad (And Why You Shouldn’t Store Them On The Fridge Door) There’s a an easy way to test if your eggs are fresh before you crack them. Got sick with food poisoning symptoms within 6 hours and can only attribute it to the eggs. Such eggs should be immediately discarded. Sulfur and rotten eggs have pretty much the same smell. If the color is off, I definitely wouldn't eat it. How Can You Tell If Hard-Boiled Eggs Are Bad? ... Find out if an egg is boiled or not without cracking it. But with eggs, that decision can be much easier. Check the color of egg white. Just by looking at the egg, it is difficult to determine if it is good or bad. The most noticeable sign that a hard boiled egg has gone bad is the odor. ANSWER 0 dazed ANSWERS: 14. I’m just not a risk taker and the smell of a rotten egg is so pungent it could very well penetrate the confines of two sealed, plastic bags. You would smell it immediately after you cracked it. Basically, you'll notice the off smell if an egg is starting to go bad. Check if the egg smells. If the egg floats to the surface, however, it is typically more than four to five weeks old and should be discarded. 1. Rotten eggs have a very strong putrid odour that you cannot miss. FYI, I always crack eggs in a separate dish before adding to a recipe, that way if the egg is bad, you only have to replace an egg. How To Tell If An Egg Is Bad (And Why You Shouldn’t Store Them On The Fridge Door) There’s a an easy way to test if your eggs are fresh before you crack them. A bad egg will emit a sulfuric smell as soon as it is cracked open. Furthermore, a fresh egg makes no sound when shaken, whereas a bad egg will rattle because of the air pocket inside. Many people refer to the date on the packaging for that purpose. The “best before” date doesn’t always mean that the eggs are bad and should be thrown away. A lot of people rely on the date on the packaging to tell them when food has gone bad, even with eggs, but the sell-by dates are often somewhat arbitrary and are not expiration dates. If the hardboiled egg has any sort of unpleasant, sulfurous or rotten smell, it has gone bad and should not be consumed. You can tell if an egg is bad BEFORE you crack it open. 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