It is also increasing popular as a soil amendment. Before last year, I had a little experience with coco coir, but it wasn’t a product I was using heavily in my garden. Coir pellets for seed planting are fungus free. These tips for using coconut coir mulch will help you get the most out of it when gardening. Long fiber coconut coir is a traditional lining material for hanging baskets.Did you know that coco coir (a by-product of coconut processing) has found its way for use in potting mixes and hydroponic gardening.. Coco coir is manufactured using fiber that’s torn from coconut shells. Garden Coir by Burpee is available in 8-quart bags directly from Burpee. Filling seed trays is time consuming and the sterilization needed to prevent disease is a lot of work. How to Use Coconut Fiber for Planting. Tips for Using Coconut Coir Mulch. Gardeners for years have lined their hanging baskets with long-fiber coir, and coir fibers are used to make common household items such as rope, doormats, and upholstery stuffing. A lot of cannabis growers have started using coco coir in their garden, but there isn’t a lot of information about exactly how to use coco coir for cannabis. Those are coconut coir fragments. And in hydroponics, it is held in high regard as a very capable growing medium. It can be confusing since coco coir usually comes in dehydrated bricks with no instructions. Coir fiber comes from inside the coconut shell and is a natural byproduct of the processing of coconuts. Just Add Water to Expand the Blocks. Arrange coconut fiber in a pot if you are sprouting seeds. Inert – coconut coir is inert, meaning that it has no nutrients within it. Coco seems almost tailor-made for growing cannabis… as long as you follow basic instructions. Why is Coconut Coir a … This important point, however, only scratches the surface when it comes to coir mulch benefits. The coir wrapped around the pole holds moisture, aiding in healthy growth for the plant. Coir is an excellent soil enhancer. Nutrient and pH differences. Basically, coconut coir is a type of mulch that's environmentally friendly, as opposed to other commercial mulches. How to use coconut coir in gardening. When you start off with coconut coir as a grow medium, you will not need to amend with lime to produce these results. How to Use a Coconut Pellet Seed Starting System In gardening you can use coconut coir to make excellent potting mix and to improve the soil quality in your garden. Some of you probably have used chunks of coir dust to grow orchids, ferns, anthuriums, bromeliads, and other tropical plants. You don’t want to over-hydrate the coco coir. Learn more in this article. One of its key selling points, as an alternative to sphagnum peat, is that it is an environmentally-friendly substrate. The coarse, strong fiber is used to make rope, floor mats, brushes, mattresses, and, for the past 20 years, landscape mulch. More fruits and veggies prefer a more alkaline soil. Coir dust is the by-product of this process. In addition, coco peat supports strong root growth and is often used to start seeds and grow hydroponically. Coco coir poles are useful for vines and shrubs that need a structure to support them. Add a little bit of water at a time. Growing in soil isn’t too different though, as many gardeners amend their soil constantly throughout the growing season anyways. Step 1. Last summer, though, I completely removed all the weeds and overgrowth in the beds directly in front of my home and purchased a few perennials to plant that I knew were drought tolerant. When you use peat to amend a garden bed, an addition of agricultural lime is often necessary to combat the higher acidity. In gardening, it is a popular additive to both garden soil and soil mixes. Coir readily absorbs and holds water, yet doesn’t become supersaturated and soggy. In any form, coco coir … You can use coconut coir for seed starting, and many gardeners report success starting seeds in this growing medium. I mean REALLY, REALLY, REALLY well. First, the coconuts go through the retting process, a curing method that naturally decomposes the husk’s pulp. Of course, coir is not perfect for all growing purposes. Much of the coconut coir used for growing and garden purposes is the waste product (pith) from generating fiber for use in mats and other long fiber products. What is Coconut Coir & How to Use It Coconut coir, also known as coconut fiber, is a natural waste product that comes … Many people find coir easier to handle and work with than peat. The fibers are separated, cleaned, sorted and graded before shipping. Unlike peat moss, which is highly acidic, coconut coir has a neutral pH level. It's relatively inexpensive (especially compared to prepackaged "seed starting blends"), readily renewable, and environmentally friendly. Step 2. Add 1 part compost to fertilize if desired. Inexpensive and sold in compacted bricks, coir is used to make products like thick doormats, brushes, rope, upholstery-stuffing, and planting baskets. Coconut fiber, or coir, a natural waste product resulting from the processing of coconuts, comes from the outer shell of the coconut husks. Take time to soak the coir bricks before applying them to your garden beds. It tends to build up salt levels over time, so try to find coir labeled as “low-salt.” Also, if substituting coir for another amendment, be aware of the differences if produces. 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