Please remember to get your lock replaced as the new one Lane provides is safer if a child happens to crawl into the chest. A chest built on April 1, 1940, would read from left to right 04140. I do try to post this information every few months so that it is fresh in everyone's mind. The antique dealer said she thinks it is a 1920's chest but I do not know for sure and would like to find out. In the beginning, Serial numbers started out being 6 digits read from left to right. The later serial #s are read backwards and will tell you the month, day and year it was manufactured. Lane cedar chests have a style # and a serial # stamped on the bottom. A beautiful Lane cedar -lined chest with shelving boxes, manufactured in Virginia in 1942–known from the serial number stamped on the bottom, 246170. "All Lane cedar chests have a serial number. I was reminded tonight through private message that older cedar chests (pre-1987) have unsafe locks on them. If it has 7 numbers, the last number indicates which plant it was made at. I have a Lane cedar chest that belonged to my mother. By lovethesunshine [1 Post, 1 Comment]0 found this helpful. Here is required recommendation on Lane Cedar Chest 7 Digit Serial Number. ... by checking the serial number is often found on the bottom of Cedar Hope Chest. My Lane cedar chest is serial number 242260, Style #481942. I do try to post this information every few months so that it is fresh in everyone's mind. Sitemap. Roland, I have a Lane Cedar Chest, Style NU2404-23, Serial NO 2075170. The date of manufacture for a Lane cedar chest with serial number 141160 is June 11, 1941. The serial # tells the date of manufacture. Lane Furniture Serial Number. It doubles as the manufacturing date the chest was made when you read the number from right to left or backward. If the information concerning the cedar chest from Lane is correct, your cedar chest was made July 7, 1996. This number is found on the outside bottom of the chest. Example: 2235150 = 2 / 23 / 51 / 50 shows it was made on May 15, 1932 at plant #2. All Lane cedar chests have a serial number. If it has 7 numbers, the last number … I have a Lane cedar chest that belonged to my mother. Example: the 7 digit # 2445270 shows it was mfr'd on July 25, 1944. The age of your Lane chest is the most important determining factor when assessing its value. Later, Lane added a 7th digit. In their example, the number 248290 would stand for September (90 reversed to 09) 28th (82 reversed to 28), 1924 (why this pair of numbers is not reversed is not explained). We just reached a cell phone in under my grandmother’s Lane cedar chest in storage to get the serial and style numbers – serial #927280 and the style number looks like 44811, but the video we took is a little hard to see it in. I was given a Lane (cedar chest) Side step table....serial number 659030. Look on the bottom of the chest for a six- or seven-digit number, then read that number backwards for the date it was produced. The serial number is decoded by reading it backwards to form 061141; the first two numbers represent the month, the middle numbers denote the day and the last two digits show the year. I believe you wanted information concerning this chest. What year was a lane cedar chest made if serial? Please remember to get your lock replaced as the new one Lane provides is safer if a child happens to crawl into the chest. Lane Manufacturing Company, Inc., made cedar chests, also known as hope chests, from 1912 until 2001. It has all the Lane markings. business If You Have a Lane Cedar Chest Here's How to Get a Replacement Lock Children can become trapped in the chests when the lid closes automatically locking with no … Based in the serial number you have presented your Lane Cedar chest produced in Alta Vista, Virginia would have a production date somewhere in the late 1950's to early 1960's based on the design. For example: serial number 753150 would have been produced on 05/13/57. Hello! Lane Furniture Serial Number. Look on the bottom of the chest. Product Safety Advisory – Lane Cedar Chests We would like Lane cedar chest owners to be aware of the following product safety advisory: From the time John Lane’s company began manufacturing cedar chests in 1912 through 1987, Lane sold an estimated 12 million cedar chests. 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