The history of bonsai (pronounced bon-sigh) is cloaked in the mist of the past but it is now widely accepted that it was the Chinese who first created the miniature landscapes and trees that we now know as bonsai. The pine bonsai was painstakingly grown in a thimble for forty years during the Unicorn's extended visit outside of Rokugan's borders. Bonsai is basically a Japanese word, but has Chinese roots. The bonsai tree is one of those feng shui items that divides opinion in feng shui circles. The symbolic level of feng shui comes into play when you have to trust your own feeling about a specific item in your home, be it a bonsai tree or a colorful painting. Jade plants are grown as houseplants, used in bonsai gardens or grown outdoors in warm climates. Defining your message or niche will be most valuable to you in the long-term. The word "pen-jing" covers all of the art of bonsai. Legend has that Bonsai originated in the Han Dynasty around 220 AD with an emperor who created a garden replicating his empire in miniature with realistic hills, lakes and trees. It would become known as "Bible of Bonsai in the West," with Yuji Yoshimura being the direct link between Japanese classical Bonsai art and progressive Western approach which resulted in elegant, refined adaptation for the modern world. Yoshimura and Halford's Miniature Trees and Landscapes was published in 1957. All trees are indicative of life and balance on Earth. In those days, this practice was called "Punsai" which means the practice of managing single specimen trees in mugs. In China, the cultivation of miniature trees in pots was referred to as “penzai” or “pun-tsai”. He was so jealous of his designs he decreed death to anyone who tried to copy them. The craft of bonsai creating is already over one thousand years old. They require a delicate balance of sunlight and water in order to survive. The popularity of the Bonsai tree is dated back to the 17th century where Chinese monks and Japanese emperors would take a great interest in this tree. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. The History of the Money Tree Bonsai June 13, 2013. Originating in the Chinese empire, Bonsai is a fascinating and unique art-form combining Asian aesthetics and horticultural techniques. Another one of those bonsai myths! It is derived from the Chinese word Pun- sai, which literally means growing trees in a pot or tray.The word bonsai can be broken into its two roots, that is, bon, which means a ‘tray’ or a shallow container, and sai, meaning ‘plant’.Thus, a plant in a tray is bonsai. This is one of the bonsai myths that is rapidly disappearing. The greatest bonsai trees were kept in the rooms of the greatest leaders, both spiritual and corporeal. Hopefully not! The bonsai in Chinese legends And there are two other important words, "pun-sai" which means a tree planted in a container without any landscaping. history of bonsai See Tree Descriptions for more information about various species of bonsai trees. External Links Bonsai Garden (Dark Journey Home) References This page uses content from Wikipedia. – 220 A.D.) Supposedly, an emperor created a landscape in his courtyard along with hills, valleys, rivers, lakes and trees that represented his entire empire. Some people outright insist that it should never be placed in a home and give it a negative reputation comparable to the cactus. It is a representation that all things are good and correct with the world. A Bonsai tree, when cared for properly, can live for hundreds if not thousands of years and many are passed down as family heirlooms. The Bonsai Tree: Its History and Meaning. The Deku Tree made his first appearance in Ocarina of Time as the guardian of the Kokiri forest. … As Bonsai trees are amulets to attracting the best into one’s life, personal and business matters. The meaning of the jade plant is prosperity. The oldest living Bonsai is housed in the Crespi Bonsai Museum in Italy and is estimated to be over 1000 years old, it … Prophecy/Observance through Mediumship: Placing Bonsai plants or trees around the home empowers higher vibrations. 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