The tulsi plant requires regular sunlight so the best place to keep this plant would be near a window. Taking out time to take care of these plants is not always a feasible option and we end up neglecting it and they eventually die. Its leaves can treat digestive issues and are also believed to have anti-cancer properties. Boston ferns mainly need a cool place, with high humidity and indirect light. The 10 low maintenance perennials on our list will be back year after year, will save you money on watering (all are drought-tolerant!) This is not to say your garden will be no maintenance. Commonly known as Tulsi, growing this plant is a no-brainer. Flowers aren't just beautiful, some blooms have a cultural or religious significance too. But these 10 plants will allow you time to enjoy gardening. Low Maintenance Plants for Homes. Perennials can be used anywhere in your landscape. Top 20 Perennials For Every Garden. To avoid staking, select a compact or low growing variety. 4. Buy low maintenance plants : We offer Indoor Plants and Outdoor Plants. Annuals keep the blooms coming all season, but perennial plants provide beauty with staying power. For each, we’ve included planting, watering, fertilizing, and pruning tips for every gardening zone. Indoor plants or houseplants are used to make our house look lively and fresh. The two basic tricks are to pick plants that are suited to your site and allow them time to become established. This low-maintenance plant is a good choice for people who want a no-fuss, lush look in their home. Dracaena Reflexa Needs indirect sunlight Ideally placed on a side table or the mantel, this slow-growing houseplant brings a lively symphony of natural hues to your home with its brightly colored green, lime and yellow leaves. Flowering plants make your garden a colorful delight to retreat to with a book or a cup of tea. Indian Basil. Plants are perishable items and that liability is not on to the seller. “It is a very low maintenance, hardy tropical plant,” says Gary Shinn, president of Hokuahi Lawns and Garden Shop. Low-Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping Consider these easy-to-grow shrubs, trees, and perennials to create a worry-free foundation in your landscape. The plant also features in NASA list of air-purifying plants. Reliability is a great quality in any plant. The plant derived this unique name due to its uniquely-shaped leaves, which dangle like spiders on a web. Available in myriad varieties, these succulents, also known as stonecrop, can survive unfavorable conditions of all kinds. The plant is also completely safe if you have pets. There are low-maintenance plants, and then there’s creeping sedum. Well, this trouble can be avoided by choosing low-maintenance houseplants that are very easy to take care of. Indoor Plants #6: Song of India Plant a.k.a. Low maintenance plants are hardy and tolerant to hot summer and cold winter, grow well in all type soil, easily propagate, not require much pruning, and long bloom period. The plant is a great option for indoors as it needs little sunlight. With its high nectar content and tubular flowers, these plants are also magnets for monarch butterflies during their fall migration. 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