The best way to move a fridge is to hire experienced professional movers, but that option may not be available for you. Just remember, when moving it don't tip it to far over to one side or another, because the refrigerant will spill out. The refrigerator is an great piece of equipment and is one of the most important items in your home.You use it for so many things, from cooling water and drinks, to freezing meat, making ice, and saving that left over chicken salad. Completely clean and remove all food from the refrigerator. When you’re starting out in a new home or renovating the kitchen in your current one, the time may come when you must figure out how to move a refrigerator. Newer ones actually have rollers. Now let us get into the WHY. Steps: 1. Fridges that are left dirty and warm will begin to smell if left unclean overnight. Dusts builds up fast, and to save the life on your refrigerator, make sure the area remains dust free. Go into the basement or crawlspace below the kitchen and check to be sure there aren't any pipes, wires or other obstructions running up into the wall of the refrigerator alcove. Moving your washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, and other large appliances can be a daunting job. Sliding out a built-in General Electric Monogram refrigerator is not much different than moving any refrigerator. Slowly pull, and periodically check the power cord and ice maker supply line so as not to catch them underneath the refrigerator. In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to widen a refrigerator alcove. If you have the rollers, you can just roll it out and roll it back. No biggie. Before moving large appliances, measuring is key. If you work efficiently, you should be able to put it all back and save the food from spoiling. Given the tight spaces that refrigerators come out of and go into, what do movers have to be mindful of? The correct depth ensures that the refrigerator does not jut out beyond the counter space on either side of the appliance. More on how to clean a refrigerator. Make sure to remove the ice in the freezer. Older ones have flat little metal feet. Moving a refrigerator is a heavy task that can become dangerous in a split second. Sliding out the refrigerator requires assistance because of its weight. Remove the bottom cover on the front of the unit. All you need to remember is to measure everything first, tape lids and doors closed, gather the right tools and equipment, and enlist the help of a friend, family member, or professional. The complete step-by-step guide to moving a refrigerator by … Unlike some furniture, a refrigerator can't be taken apart to fit through a narrow door or hallway, so every inch of space … 4. If moving the fridge by putting the dolly underneath the front of the fridge, put an extra pad between the dolly and the refrigerator, to prevent scratching the doors. How To Move A Refrigerator and Keep it Safe When Moving. Moving a Refrigerator. It doesn't have wheels and it's impossible to move it out of that space to clean underneath it and around it. Why do I need proper space for my refrigerator? It's also beneficial to remember to leave space on all sides of the refrigerator so it easily slides in and out for easier cleaning. For a successful move, you'll need to measure the thing you're moving, the space you're moving it through, and the space you're moving it into. Top: A minimum of ½', and ideally 1 full inch of clearance above. As with moving any large appliance the number one thing every mover should do is examine the home before any actual moving begins. A couple of guy friends and a 12 pack of beer should do the trick. See that the new space does not have overhead cabinets that make the area too short for the refrigerator. If the appliance is too wide for a space, it may block a doorway or simply not fit in the available space. Turn off and disconnect the refrigerator a few hours before moving to allow the evaporator time to defrost. Unfortunately, they refuse to try to move the fridge because they think they'll break our cabinets. It's essential to verify all connections are disconnected before moving the appliance away from the wall. Slide the refrigerator straight out from wall and onto the cardboard. I'm not an engineer, but we called someone who could easily take care of it. However, if done carefully and thoughtfully, it can be done without throwing your back out or ruining your floors. Proper Refrigerator Cleaning Guidelines. 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