9. Make walls in North and East slightly shorter and thinner than South and West. Kitchen Location Based on the House Kua. North-East Kitchen: Vastu Remedies and Tips. North quadrant is second option and north-west is direction. A North facing balcony is good and a west facing kitchen is ok as long as the person cooking is facing east while doing so. Painting the walls of North East kitchen with blue colour is a good remedy. A kitchen in the southeastern corner is also a good direction for feng shui since it represents the wood element, which can be a good source of energy. The kitchen should never be situated in the North East or North as this adversely affects one's career. According to Vastu, if there is a mirror in the bedroom then it should not face the bed. Both these vastu defects have a direct bearing on the health of the occupants. In diagonal plots, avoid north quadrant which has ill effects on female members. Bed is the important components in the bedroom. Now, let’s take a look at how to place your bed for good Feng Shui. Toilets and kitchens in the north east and south west- You need to weaken the bad earth energy with metal energy. Vaastu, Vastra and Victuals (Shelter, Clothing and Food) these are the three basic needs of Human. West quadrant gives average results for kitchen. Every one works to get fulfill these needs life long. Clean, organized and decluttered area of wealth and good feng shui kitchen colors improve financial situation, health and family relationships. If possible, slope the building towards North-East corner. Place the main door in 5 th pada; this’ll give lots of wealth. So hang windchimes in the toilets and kitchen. The kitchen and toilet should not share a common wall. The kitchen has a special place in feng shui. Keep the North-East portion of the kitchen empty, clean and clutter free. 3. That will weaken the bad earth energy and then you can wake up the good earth energy in the south west and north east. If there is any window in North-East part then keep it open at all times. Keep the gas stove in the South-East corner of present kitchen. Door for Kitchen opens on east but on southern side and the kitchen is on middle east side (not south east of the room). Road towards the north and east is believed to bring more overseas opportunities. Is this south door for each flat okay? A correct placement, positioning and direction of the bed with Feng Shui principle are very important to help you keep health as well as bring success in work and business. On its own, though, the kitchen is thought to press down luck in feng shui. 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