Also called fig trees, they are often grown in containers or pots. In the first 1 to 4 years, increase the pot size with each repotting to give the tree room to grow. Transplant or repot your ficus if it grows too large. Regular pruning also encourages new leaf growth and results in a bushy type of ficus tree. The right fertilizer for potted ficus plants is … These trees are found in temperate and tropical regions around the world. Once a year is perfect, and you can pair it with trimming, defoliating and pruning to slowly create a majestic, elegant bonsai. The good news is that Ficus can survive this if you figure out why it happened in the first place and correct the problem. Ficus (Ficus benjamina) is commonly grown indoors, but it can grow up to 60 feet tall when grown outdoors in U.S. Department of Agricultural plant hardiness zones 10b to 11. Pruning Ficus Trees In Pots. Ficus tree pruning - After you have transplanted your ficus, the round orange line will show what you should prune (besides the main trunk). Lay a tarp out near the pot before the plant leaves its winter dormant season. range from towering giants to smaller, graceful trees often grown as houseplants. Since Ficus trees grow so readily, even indoors, it means that they will grow a lot. Don't be afraid to cut, ficus are strong and in a few months you'll have new tree with clusters of new leaves. By winter, the plant has gone into dormancy and is less susceptible to injury. Aim for a balanced open crown that allows light into the centre of the canopy. In case your Ficus tree is very damaged and has a lot of dead growth, it is best to prune away no more than one third of the material. The bad news is that all the leaves that are turning yellow are going to drop off the tree. Prune potted ficus only as needed to remove dead or diseased branches. Unlike other houseplants, the ficus tree prefers to be root bound. So, if you are growing the tree in a small pot or container, then replant it in a larger pot, once its starts spreading its vigorous root. Keep watering the plant until it drains from the bottom hole of the pot. The best time to prune ficus is in early spring when they begin their spring growth spurt. Lay a tarp out near the pot before the plant leaves its winter dormant season. How to Prune a Ficus Tree - Shaping the Tree Work with your tree's natural shape. When to Root-Prune a Potted Plant A potted plant should be root-pruned whenever the plant's roots grow to the extent that they entirely fill the pot and begin to circle around the inside surface of the pot. If a potted ficus is brought inside for the winter, pruning it … After this, replace the soil in the pot annually and prune the roots to keep the tree a manageable size. The common fig tree (Ficus carica) can be easily planted to your home, it is quite popular because its flowers do not require pollination. Ficus tree’s only drawback is that, given a sudden change in temperature, humidity or wind speed, your lovely weeping fig might play dead and drop all its leaves. Check the leaf axes and small twigs often for signs of scale. Ficus trees (Ficus spp.) Figs can be either grown as half-standard or bush trees (including those grown in pots). Prune away vertical branches. Many varieties of this tree are found, including many hard varieties, which you can develop in cold climates (6 and 7 regions). Water your ficus tree only when top 2 inches of soil are completely dry. In particular, decide whether you want a trailing, or tree-type ficus. Repotting your Ficus microcarpa is essential, every one to three years. Therefore, winter is the best time for trimming ficus trees. Most plants are vegetatively active in spring and summer, with growth dying down in fall. I love ficus trimmed in a large pot, beautiful foliage, but they are a menace in the ground unless you live on acres. Figs that produce fruit need bright light and protection from cold. When to harvest the figs Check the leaf axes and small twigs often for signs of scale. How to Prune Roots on Outdoor Potted Ficus Trees Monitor your fig tree for signs that it is root bound. Although many varieties of fig become huge trees, some types are suitable for container growing. This way, you can make sure that you don’t remove any new material. Give your tree at least 6 hours of full sunlight each day. I've recently purchased around 10 3ft standard ficus trees to form a nice border around the front of my front yard. 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