Kniphofia 'Papaya Popsicle' (Popsicle Series) (Red hot poker 'Papaya Popsicle') will reach a height of 0.45m and a spread of 0.5m after 2-5 years. You’ll want to leave the foliage in place. Suggested uses. Red hot poker plants prefer full sun and must be given adequate spacing to accommodate their mature size. Family: Asphodelaceae Botanical Name: Kniphofia Common Names: red-hot poker, torch lily Brilliant red hot poker plants (Kniphofia uvaria) add a splash of color to a garden or yard. This red-hot poker plant is quite happy in the hot dry locations at the foot of this eucalyptus tree. One is the aloe, a succulent plant from Africa. Kniphofia are tough, long-lived plants, with a long flowering season (spring to late autumn). Spread a 4-inch-thick layer of bark mulch around the Red Hot Poker plants in the fall to protect them through the cold winter months. Red Hot Pokers are flowering perennials that bloom in the summer with torch-shaped, bright, red, yellow and orange flowers. Remove the mulch in the spring, after the last frost. Many varieties of Red Hot … ‘Nancy’s Red’ – produces bright red flower spikes between June and October. If you love growing perennials that give color all summer long, this is the plant for you. Red Hot Poker Care Must-Knows. The plants are both members of the lily family, Liliaceae. Both are known as red hot pokers. It bears tall, green-tipped, white flower spikes between June and October Common Name: red-hot poker, torch lily Botanical Name: Kniphofia uvaria ... Pruning: remove brown foliage anytime and cut back plant in spring when new foliage appears Pruning a red hot poker plant’s foliage at this time is not a good idea. You may find it challenging to select plants that grow well with red hot pokers, but there is actually a wide range of red hot poker lily companions. Red-hot pokers (Kniphofia) come in a range of warm colours and flower over a long period in summer.Monty Don recommends three elegant varieties, with flowers of apricot, ivory and yellow, explaining how to plant them and the conditions they enjoy. It bears tall, green-tipped, white flower spikes between June and October ‘Sunningdale Yellow’ – an early-flowering red hot poker, bearing slender flowers in warm yellow, from June to October 0. gardengirl6 Posts: 223. Other common names Rooper's red-hot poker Family Asphodelaceae Genus Kniphofia may be evergreen or herbaceous perennials, with linear or strap-shaped leaves and erect stems bearing a dense raceme of tubular, usually pendent flowers If you wish to start plants by collecting seeds, here are a few tips on how to plant red hot poker seeds for a successful crop of "torch lily" that will bloom for years. Red hot pokers make good edging plants and surely are striking enough and blossom long enough to serve as specimen plants. 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