The rust around the corner bleach dispenser is getting bad enough that I'm worried that it will soon compromise the structural integrity of the top of the machine at that corner. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! It is so bad that chunks of plastic and rust are falling into the machine. My Kenmore top loading washing machine is only about 5 years old. My washing machine has a bleach dispenser and I washed all of my whites and put in about ½ of a cup. My Bravos washing machine started slight rusting around the bleach dispenser shortly after we purchased it. Sears says it's not their problem because rust is not covered by the warranty or the extended 'master plan' warranty tha I purchased when I bought the washer. When you throw your clothing in the wash, you expect them to come out with the stains removed, but a Fontana man says his washing machine ruined his clothes after rust began to show on his two-year-old appliance and the manufacturer refuses to replace it. I don't ever use bleach, and I get rust. Related: Maytag washer,Bravos XL. First off, a washing machine is made to use bleach. I didn't think it would be a problem so I kept using it to wash our clothes. So using bleach is fully within the expected use of the machine. Started noticing little brown spots on our clothing. There is rust starting to form around my bleach dispenser in my bravo washing machine. The washer top is porcelain enamel that's baked on. I do have a dryer, a very expensive dryer that I'm having some issues with, however since we are discussing this rusting bleach dispenser issue I want to comment on it b/c although I have an LG top loader washing machine. 7 answers. January 26th, ... Why is my Kenmore Elite washing machine rusting around the bleach dispenser? Basically all I get is a "not our problem." Bleach is caustic and when allowed to stay on a painted surface, it will cause rust. Please sign this petition if you own a Samsung washing machine which has developed rust in the metal housing surrounding the plastic bleach dispenser. I can't afford to buy a new machine but am worried the rust will get on my clothes. They came out fine, but I had a load of towels to wash afterwards. Report This by Julia Keene. ... Why is my Kenmore Elite Washer #796.29272000 rusting around the soap dispenser, hinges and bleach dispenser? The most common reason for … The reason the tops rust around the bleach dispensers is because the bleach was not wiped up when it splashes over. They came out fine, but I had a load of towels to wash afterwards. My washing machine has a bleach dispenser and I washed all of my whites and put in about ½ of a cup. But I started noticing rust spots on some of my clothes and realized it was rusting around the plastic insert for the bleach dispenser. They came out with bleach stains all over them. The bulk of a washing machine is made of metal, and metal rusts — especially when in the damp environment of a laundry room. Reddish brown stains can often be explained by rust on the inside of your machine. I bought a Kenmore Elite washer and dryer and refrigerator two years ago. Although I have had no trouble with any of these appliances, there is a great deal of rust around the bleach dispenser of my washing machine #796.2927. The rust should be cleaned off and sanded. fixing a rust problem on washer machine, please take a moment to like and subscribe if you like the video. Hello, I don't have a Sears WM. I only wish I had purchased a basic washer like I had before because I have never ever heard of a washing machine rusting. The best thing for you to do is remove the plastic bleach dispenser from the top, wire brush or sand of the rust best you can, and just touch up those spots. 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