The style also allows writers to pair they with everyone in similar situations.

afridi dr shakeel overturned sentence august foreign officeIts autonomous cars rely on roof-mounted laser sensors to see the road.

Example sentences for: semiautonomous How can you use “semiautonomous” in a sentence?

semiautonomous vehicle definition: A car that can steer, accelerate, decelerate, stop and change lanes without human intervention. ; 2. Translations in context of "semi-autonomous" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: The proposed plan envisaged granting the whole of Transnistria a relatively independent or semi-autonomous status within a Moldovan Federation. We have seen that he desires an autonomous Church, which can legislate for itself. ANDORRA, or Andorre, a small, neutral, autonomous, and semi-independent state, on the Franco-Spanish frontier, and chiefly on the peninsular side of the eastern Pyrenees. ... is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words. You can use a colon to connect two sentences when the second sentence summarizes, sharpens, or explains the first. singular they: The AP Stylebook now allows writers to use they as a singular pronoun when rewriting the sentence as plural would be overly awkward or clumsy. Another 400,000 people on the semi-autonomous Zanzibar Island will choose leaders under a new power-sharing agreement. QinetiQ's Raider II autonomous vehicle is a do-it … Gui admitted to his crime, agreed with the sentence and will not appeal, the court said. The Sun (2018) Every regiment was semi-autonomous and foraged for itself. It sees detecting potholes as a step toward a more fully autonomous car. ; 3. 1. Jail is not a good place to rehabilitate delinquent youths. autonomous technology in a sentence - Use "autonomous technology" in a sentence 1. A crash like Brown’s was only a matter of time. Both sentences should be complete, and their content should be very closely related. semi-autonomous definition: Adjective (comparative more semi-autonomous, superlative most semi-autonomous) 1. 2. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: A process of decentralization was started, with more powers being devolved, although not equally, to 17 semiautonomous regions. Autonomous Technologies Corp ., Orlando, Fla ., an initial public offering of 2.5 million shares. use "autonomous" in a sentence GM will fit Cadillacs with autonomous-vehicle technology next year. Preparations for the vote have been running behind schedule and tensions have risen between Khartoum and the semi-autonomous government in Juba, the capital of … 1 granted Holstein autonomous institutions, and bound Schleswig more closely to the Danish monarchy. The Sun (2018) Every regiment was semi-autonomous and foraged for itself. Times, Sunday Times (2006) There is also speculation the vehicle could be self-flying, or semi-autonomous. The twenty parties whose struggles had caused so much strife and bloodshed were the Unionists, who desired a centralized government, and the Federalists, who preferred a federation of semiautonomous provinces. 19. Times, Sunday Times (2016) It also wants to expand into vehicle fleets, airlines and semi-autonomous cars. Times, Sunday Times (2006) There is also speculation the vehicle could be self-flying, or semi-autonomous. Example: The Obama administration told public schools to grant bathroom access even if a student's gender identity isn't what's in their record. This is a sentence containing the word autonomous. Semi-autonomous cars are already on our roads in the form of the Tesla Model S and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. 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