This is very unlikely to occur if the other food is covered. Call your doctor or get medical help if any of these side effects or any other side effects bother you or do not go away: Upset stomach or throwing up. Most effects do not occur in everyone and they occur not every time you eat such food. A 'skin' forms over the top of the liquid, preventing evaporation via steaming, which creates a cooling effect. Ask Question ... from my perspective, is contamination of the refrigerator or container ... can still have unintended side-effects. The refrigerator takes up a lot of space in … If you cause your refrigerators condensers to get clogged, there would be an increased amount on your electricity bill due to the added work that will be imposed on your freezer. Solanine is highest in vegetables when they are not ripe, and those levels drop as the food ripens. Find patient medical information for Phenytoin Oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings. Never store your cooked food below meat, poultry, or fish on the shelf, it can drip raw fluid onto your food and may cause cross-contamination. If the quality is bad then it will easily break down and cost even more to repair. What are some other side effects of Amoxicillin Suspension? But other bacteria are able to grow at cold temperatures, preferring some food hosts over others, such as poultry, eggs, milk and meat. When putting things on top of a fridge, there are a few things to understand so that you don't create a fire or safety issue with items falling. Headache Does having spoiling food in your fridge cause other food to spoil faster? All drugs may cause side effects. n many parts of world Food is being stored in houses for emergency. The larger concern with bacteria, from my perspective, is contamination of the refrigerator or container surfaces, which can then be easily spread to other foods or directly to your mouth by ordinary human contact. There … Refrigerated foods. If it breaks down it could mean it could over freeze then break causing water damage and making you claim on your houe insurance. The refrigerator is very expensive depending on its quality. I. Harmful effect of preservatives; There are certain harmful effects of using chemicals for preservation such as ;Sulfites are common preservatives used in various fruits,may have side effects in form of headaches, palpitations, allergies, andeven cancer. Most foods will last (and be safe) for at least three to four days (minimum) after cooking. Unhealthy food keeping in refrigerator can pose major threats. Eat. Exceptions: While perfectly safe to eat, leftover sushi and tempura will be very bad (in terms of the quality) the next day. In addition to basic food items, people also store frozen or preserved garden-grown fruits, vegetables and freeze-dried or canned produce. Why eating food right out of the refrigerator is a bad idea! The environment inside a refrigerator usually creates an inhospitable environment for many bacteria. However, many people have no side effects or only have minor side effects. Food poisoning is a result of stale food and rotten food. It is often overlooked or underused, but the space over the refrigerator can be safely used to store nonperishable items, cookware and more. Most people avoid cleaning in refrigerator. Since all the power … In some big countrys, the power is shut down in different areas every couple of hours in order to save and spread electricity all over the country. Food can be classified as fast food, junk food, whole food, Index Terms- Preservatives, Food, Side effects, Allergy . And besides that, the significance of most foods (especially fruits, vegetables and even chocolate) outweighs the possible undesirable effects they may cause. The environment inside a refrigerator usually creates an inhospitable environment for many bacteria. Not bad. INTRODUCTION. Diarrhea. You can also limit your consumption to small quantities so as to limit the side effects you may experience. I stir the pot frequently, bringing the hottest food out of the center, allowing it to cool faster. Do not store raw meat, poultry or fish in same shelf. The infection supplied by unhealthy food can result into food poisoning. Disodium Inosinate are used as food flavouring agents . Some people cannot afford it. I don't want to put hot food in the refrigerator, it will tend to warm up the other foods already in there. 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