... there are mites. See a picture and get answers to plant care questions. Look for plant food with this nutrient and follow the recommended feeding rate to avoid fertilizer burn. This is because the leaves are not getting the chlorophyll that they need to be a vibrant green coloration. Chlorotic plant leaves will be very light green or yellow and have very deep green veins. There are actually several reasons why this happens. Can you cut brown tips off plants? Ease up on the watering. Eventually the entire leaf wilts and drops off the plant. Water quality. Over-Watering: Generally, this yellowness will appear in a mosaic pattern, not solid yellow, and the leaves may have unsightly, crunchy brown tips but will not fall off easily. All for now. Leaves also turn yellow due to lack of light. Overwatering is a cause of spider plant leaves turning black or dark brown. Healthy plants produce lush foliage and undamaged leaves. Your plant is a type of spider plant called a “Reverse Spider Plant.” When a spider plant is not getting enough light, entire leaves turn yellow. Keep it away from heat registers, at daytime temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit dropping to between 50 and 55 F at night. In this post, I will talk about 6 different reasons why your plant leaf edges are turning brown … The Diagnosis: If the older leaves on your plant are turning yellow and the new leaves are very light green, it could be a sign of a nitrogen deficiency. When the tips of the leaves turn yellow, brown, or black it is usually because your water has too much chlorine or fluoride in it, or the water has passed through a softener and is too salty. Read about diseases, pests, and why the Arrowhead plant gets brown or yellow leaves. by Patty S on June 01, 2006 04:41 AM Draganfly, it has been my experience that Spider plants will wilt & turn brown when overwatered. Underwatered plants develop brittle yellow or brown leaf tips. I have found that Spider Plants get yellow leaves with brown tips when there are too many chemicals in the water like chlorine and fluoride. You may cut off the brown tips of spider plants by following a few precautions. With just the right amount of fuel, your plant will look lush again in no time. Now, let’s get your Spider Plant on the road to recovery. (03/12/2010) By jeannette So you brought home that beautiful dream plant of yours, and at some point you noticed the dreaded brown and crispy edges on the leaves. However, we seem to hear more complaints about spider plants getting brown tips on their leaves. Most plants require watering when the top … And use sharp scissors to cut off the tips of leaves that are brown. With just the right amount of fuel, your plant will look lush again in no time. Spider plants love to be plant bound, this forces more shoots and babies to come out. Thick, exposed roots give the plant a distinct look. 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