The other title, “The echoing green” does not reveal much either, as the words does not contain any emotive words, like for example “love”. I'm not sure I'm explaining this very well, so here is the question: Write a comparative analysis of Blake's innocence and experience visions the echoing green and the garden of love. Are you feeling the love? The Garden of Love” and is from 1 794, from the collection called “Songs of Experience” In this assignment I will compare these two poems, focusing mostly on the mood. The main contrast between William Blake’s “The Echoing Green” and “The Garden of Love” is the tone of each poem. The poem talks about merry sounds and images which accompany the children playing outdoors. The second poem is called “The Garden of Love” and is from 1794, from the collection called “Songs of Experience” In this assignment I will compare these two … If not this may help, or it may make your ears protest...either way, HAPPY VALENTINES darlings. Our values and morals are what distinguishes the deference between us all. Comparison – Revenge Garden and It Used to Be Green Essay. That the older people are still around is a testimony to the persistence of life; the oak of the second stanza stands in the green as a symbol of strength and security to accentuate this feeling. The first poem is called “The Echoing green” and is a poem from 1789, in a collection called “The Songs of Innocence”. The two poems, 'The Echoing Green' and 'London', are especially characteristic of these contrary visions; evoking polar opposite images of innocence, corruption and freedom. William Blake and The Garden of Love - William Blake and The Garden of Love At first glance, the poetry of William Blake may appear simplistic; he writes most often in regular metrical rhythm, apparently sticking to the rules, blunt observations on such mundane subjects as tigers, lambs and roses. IF YOU LIKE THESE... YOU WILL WANT TO CHECK OUT THESE CHRISTIAN ARTIST 311 Spoken, Pax 217, Justifide, Earthsuit AC/DC X-Sinner AD Mastedon, Kerry Livgren, Halo, Petra Aerosmith Bride, Guardian, Whitecross, Petra AFI The Blamed Alanis Morissette The Benjamin Gate, Rebecca St. James American Hi-FI Twotimer, Broken Cedar Comparison/contrast of ideas within William Blakes’ “Echoing Green” and “Garden of Love.” This posting includes commentary about William Blake’s “Echoing Green” and “Garden of Love” poems. The first poem is called “The Echoing green” and is a poem from 1789, in a collection called “The Songs of Innocence”. Blake firmly believed that love cannot be sanctified by religion. In “The Echoing Green” the first stanza is very positive, with the sun shining, for example “The sun does arise” . Compare and contrast The Echoing Green with The Schoolboy by - Compare and contrast The Echoing Green with The Schoolboy by William Blake Both "The Echoing Green" and "The Schoolboy" are classed under the section, "Songs of Innocence", which at first suggests that they will be of a … The Ecchoing Green by William Blake is a three-stanza poem that embodies an AABBCCDDEE rhyme scheme throughout its course to present a theme that’s as beautiful as it is melancholy. There is a tone of Old John with white hair, Does laugh away care, Sitting under the oak, Among the old folk. The simile comparing "brothers and sisters" to "birds in their nest" tell us that innocent children can also connect us to The Divine. William Blake the Garden of Love & The Echoing Green used with A level AQA Love Through the Ages syllabus "A chapel was built in the midst/ Where I used to play on the green" The "green" has special significance also as it mirrors the contrary poem in innocence "The Echoing Green" hence the reading of the "green" to represent previous, innocent freedom, as well as the more obvious "play". Comparison of “Garden of love” and “The Echoing Green” Essay. In stanza two, Blake speaks as the old folk. There is no doubt the poems are partly made for comparison. Poet, painter, engraver, and visionary William Blake worked to bring about a change both in the social order and in the minds of men. The poem, The Garden of Love by William Blake, is the antithesis to The Echoing Green of Innocence, as it uses the same setting and rhythm to stress the ugly contrast. “The Echoing Green” is from Blake’s “Songs of Innocence”, however don’t be fooled, the poem has a hidden darker side to its “Innocence”.  Comparison of “The Garden of Love” and “The Echoing Green” This is a comparison of two poems by the poet William Blake. The echoing green analysis would be incomplete if we fail to understand the idea of the spring, as conveyed throughout the poem! On the Echoing Green. Contrasting Visions of the World: The Echoing Green and London Anonymous 12th Grade In ‘Songs of Innocence and of Experience’, Blake evokes contrasting visions of the world. 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