What is a permaculture potager? Permaculture + Potager = Wonderful Garden Design The term potager means ‘for the soup pot’ and began during medieval times in France. Our American kitchen gardens don’t need to precisely adopt the layout of the traditional potager, but there are lessons to be gleaned from the jardin potager: make the garden beautiful and let it determine what’s for dinner. You can also grow edible flowers to make the entire veg garden productive. Complete your potager garden with stunning floral displays. Learn how to plan and select plants for a beautiful and productive potager . How to create a potager garden. How to set up a kitchen garden at home. I love permaculture design, and learning to apply it to your Quite simply, a potager is a French kitchen garden. Like many other kitchen gardens, it includes both herbs and vegetables. A potager garden also goes by the name of a kitchen garden is historically a French type of gardening. Plants are chosen for both their edible and ornamental natures and are put together in such a way that it looks pretty while still providing food for the household. It's filled with practical things like fruits, veggies Something simple and sweet with vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers growing happily side by side? When well-designed, a potager garden can satisfy a lot of the vegetable needs for a household, as well as pleasing the eye. The garden itself was designed to be a work of art with vegetables and flowers adding color, variety, and fragrance. How to Design a Potager Garden. Read on to learn more about this beautiful kitchen garden … to make the entire veg garden productive. Have you ever wished for a garden of your own? A potager garden is a vegetable garden which is designed to be attractive as well as functional. Plant the potager close to the house. 2. It is basically an ornamental vegetable garden . What is a Potager? Annuals like poppies, cornflowers and sweet peas add a cottage garden charm, plus their roots don’t take up much soil space. Look it up now! Designing and planning a potager garden layout. A potager takes a bit more planning than a typical vegetable garden. There may also be more care required since the vegetables and herbs you grow in a potager can be a bit more challenging than your standard staple garden fare. In the French kitchen garden or potager , gardeners have intermingled vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs since medieval times. Usually, these gardens were located right outside the home usually off the kitchen for easy access. The traditional version of a potager garden contains symmetrical or geometrical garden beds with the vegetables planted in patterns or groups rather than in rows, often with flowers, fruit and herbs intermingled. Potager definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. If you love to cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients, then a French-inspired potager garden might be the perfect choice for you. There are countless different types of gardens and garden designs to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. A potager is basically a French ornamental kitchen garden. It also involves more creativity than your standard rows of vegetables. Such gardens are designed to strike people with their beauty first, rather than being relentlessly practical, and they can fit in a wide variety of spaces and climates. Potager is a French term for an ornamental kitchen garden that goes back to the French Renaissance and the Baroque. Potager gardening uses herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing garden. How to Start a Potager Garden "Make it part of your garden and put it in where you can see it from the house and see things growing." Kitchen vegetable garden, jardin potager, bauerngarten From: Twit Pic, please visit Gardenweb best garden plants for containers,when should i start planting my vegetable garden plants for small gardens,big garden design large garden A potager (po-tah-jay) garden is a French kitchen garden. Potager gardens combine the utilitarian nature of the English kitchen garden with the style and grace of French fashion. 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