been brushing and rolling for 22yrs and spraying is new to me. Thanks in advance for your help, I hope my cabinets look as beautiful as yours. The tip size in the gun is 1.4mm. Different HVLP Paint Gun Tip … ... Can you tell me what type of scrubber you used with the deglosser and what size tip you chose to use for spraying. If you multiply it by 2 the result is the approximate fan size when the tip is about 12" from the surface being sprayed. I am looking at the 413 for latex enamel. I have a 313 but think maybe there's something better. HVLP guns are ideal for spraying paint on cabinets. how about some advice on spraying trim. SPRAY PAINTING WITH A COMPRESSOR - hvlp gun and tips ... more to keep the tank filled with air while you are spraying. The size of spray tips has two components; the fan size and the orifice size. Cabinet Painting Tips. This post will not be complete without also sharing some good cabinet painting tips. So this tip has an approximate 10" fan when the … I have not used the 1.4mm tip, only the 2.2mm tip (since I had already tried the 1.4mm tip on the HF and Kobalt guns with little success). Spray guns that use compressed air come with an adjustable nozzle, so you'll only be shopping for spray tips when you use an airless sprayer. When used … Spending $25 to $40 is not the cheapest “lets try this” adventure. How to Spray Paint Cabinets Like the Pros. It has two different paint cups [small and big], that you can use depending on your painting project size. Start with a tip one size smaller than the maximum tip size your sprayer supports. It made a huge difference in how … I'm spraying a gloss moisture resistant lacquer from Sherwin Williams out of a Sharpe gravity feed HVLP. Lets use the LTX515 as an example as it is one of the most common tips for spraying latex paint. So this tip has an approximate 10" fan when the tip is 12" from the surface to be painted. The high-volume refers to the product. My first attempt at spraying lacquer went fairly well, however it took four coats. 2.0-2.3mm – For high-build primers and other thick materials. If you multiply it by 2 the result is the approximate fan size when the tip is about 12" from the surface being sprayed. Paint spray tips are numbered with three digits. Few homeowners would turn down an offer of new kitchen cabinets.But when you consider the high cost of purchasing cabinets, rehabbing your existing cabinets begins to look enticing.Spray painting kitchen cabinets is one way to give them a sparkling, fresh look at a dramatically lower cost than new. The low pressure refers to the air. But most important to the quality of the job you are doing is using a gun with the right size fluid tip and needle for paint, primer or whatever else you are spraying. Troubleshooting Sags When Spraying Alkyd Enamel Tip size and spraying method may be at fault; here's advice on causes and cures for sagging paint finish on cabinets. Spray Gun Tip Sizes. Airless tips come in a variety of orifice sizes, which determine how much paint the machine will deliver. Read this guide for airless spray tip selection. i used a 214 and a 314, both fine finish graco tips with the green guards. It’s also the smallest size if you are shooting latex paint – not that you would do that with your good HVLP gun. So, here’s a short video that shows you how to paint cabinets: You also want to avoid spraying on windy days for the same reason — you’ll lose half of your paint to the wind, and you risk the other half partially drying mid-air before hitting your cabinet doors. So those are my tips for getting the best out of this little paint sprayer that packs a big punch. Lucky for you, Grants Painting an Indianapolis Kitchen Cabinet Painter has tried most airless spray tips in many situations. Did you use the same tip for primer, paint and poly? Looking for best tip size to spray interior trim. Choosing the proper HVLP spray gun tip size will give you the right combination of speed, efficiency, results and ease of clean-up. This allows for tip wear, which increases the tip hole size. Is this tip size right for the application? So, for spraying oil based paint on trim, you would probably use a 213 tip for a 4 inch wide fan with a fine finish orifice of .013 inches. High volume, low pressure, or HVLP, is a gravity fed spray system. Another good feature that will help you complete the project better, especially if you are painting kitchen cabinets, is that this paint sprayer is 50% quieter. The first number is half the fan width in inches, and the last two numbers are the orifice size in thousands of one inch. They also come in a selection of fan widths. Other features include the construction of the sprayer (plastic or metal), size, and weight. 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