Once you’re done collecting lettuce seeds from the garden, there will be a lot of chaff (flower head pieces and other plant debris) mixed in with the seeds. Tiny flowers bloom from this seed stalk, and then they self-pollinate to produce seeds. All seed bearing plants produce seed at some point in their growth cycle. So if you'd like to taste Yuma's bounty, all you have to do is visit your local grocery store and buy some lettuce. All five varieties of lettuce (stem, loose-leaf, butterhead, crisphead and romaine) produce seeds in a similar manner: by sending up a seed stalk in the center of the plant. But there are still a few weeks left in Yuma's lettuce season, before the bulk of the production shifts to the cooler Salinas Valley in central California. In fact, the word "lettuce" is derived from the Latin root word "lac" meaning "milk," referring to the milky juice found in mature lettuce stems. Sow lettuce seeds in spring and more in early summer, thin out the seedlings and harvest when mature. Herodotus wrote of lettuce being served in ancient Greece, and it was a favorite vegetable in ancient Rome. Whilst lettuce is mostly used in salads it can also be used in soups, sandwiches and sandwich like meals. Browse a massive collection of lettuce seeds that are durable, delicious, and easy-to-grow in any garden at Burpee seeds. Lettuce is easily cultivated and is grown all year round. September 22, 2014 July 30, 2018 Kristin Crouch. One of the easiest methods of saving and refineing your lettuce seeds! Open-pollinated varieties are more genetically diverse, allowing them to better adapt to specific growing conditions. There are special, warming seedling mats that you can buy to put under your seeds. How to Grow Lettuce from an Old Lettuce Stem. Columbus and other European explorers brought lettuce seeds to the New World. Growing Crisphead Lettuce. Lettuce is a must-have for the vegetable garden. Lettuce was originally farmed by the ancient Egyptians, who transformed it from a weed whose seeds were used to create oil into an important food crop raised for its succulent leaves and oil-rich seeds. If you have ever bought a pack of romaine lettuce from the store, you probably threw away the stem at the end. Burpee But don’t worry, chaff won’t affect the lettuce seeds ability to germinate. Regardless of the variety you choose, lettuce is a hardy crop that grows well in most regions. Best Answer: The part you eat is actually leaves of lettuce. Before you go to the effort of saving your lettuce seeds, first, make sure to save seeds only from open-pollinated or heirloom varieties. When roots appear, put the plant in a pot with some soil and leave it in the window. Initially, plants will produce leaves to collect sunlight. Later the plant will produce flowers to pollinate and finally fertile seeds. How to Collect Lettuce Seeds. The leaves of the lettuce plant are what is eaten so they are normally harvested before the plant flowers or … There are amazing varieties that are red, green, speckled or frilly, just the thing to make a spectacular salad to impress your friends and family. : Where do lettuce seeds come from? If you have been keeping up with my latest posts you will know that I like to collect my own seed. Open-pollinated and heirloom plants both grow true to seed for years to come. It’s difficult to get rid of all the chaff with lettuce seeds. Many types of high yield lettuce seeds available such as Organic, Romaine, Iceberg, and Loose-leaf for all of your cooking and flavor needs. Seed Saving. But there is more to knowing how to grow lettuce than this and treating them so casually will more often than not bring disappointment. 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