two days ago, i left the calathea a bit too long in my balcony which faces the east (ie direct sunlight). All this stem bending, leaf curling, drooping disaster happened over night post-water. Prayer plants exposed to dry, indoor air exhibit shriveling or wilting of foliage. Wilting leaves on houseplants indicate the plant is under stress and needs your immediate attention. The other still has most. Calathea species come with beautiful leaves that have different, bright, colorful patterns on the top side. Be sure to place your plant in a location that receives filtered light as too much direct sunlight will cause it to burn and its gorgeous leaves to fade. Drooping leaves don't always indicate a problem with a plant. Drooping leaves and limp or rotting stems can result from one of three problems. I have two growing side by side,touching ,and one is drooping,the other is not,so watering does not play a part as they both get the same amount of water,i ran my hose for two hours over the plants as I thought I had given them too much nutrients to purge them of any nutrients but the leaves are still the same on one plant,drooping. Help my Calathea is dying! Even if you water and it drains, the soil type might be holding water, and your plant is suffocating. The label “prayer plant” covers several species of foliage houseplants, including Maranta and Calathea. My Calathea white fusion is wilting and yellowing! Why are my Calathea zebrina leaves drooping? My watering regimen is that I check my Plants on Sunday’s and if they’ve dried I water. The leaves of the Maranta leuconeura fold closed at night like praying hands, thus its common name the "prayer plant." This is a defense mechanism, because shedding leaves … This was the case with my Calathea … However, the leaves of this plant move up and down following the light, so be sure to feel the soil to ensure you're not mistaking your Calathea's natural movement for needing a drink before giving your plant water. The soil was still moist as i make it a habit to water them with half a cup of water every morning. Calathea doesn’t respond well to sudden changes … You did not mention any discoloration of the leaves, … What can I do to save it? Calathea, the Peacock plant. During the day, the leaves extend outward. It can still be waterlogged at the roots andnstill feel dry on top. Either over- or under-watering your plants may cause leaf edges to brown. Without attention, wilted plants die quickly. Gardeners generally raise it as a houseplant, and the Texas A&M University calls it one of the most striking plants for the indoor gardener. Clearly they are very very attractive house plant. I recently purchased a herb garden and that are near my plants, I thought this light maybe burning the leaves so I moved my calathea, but I still feel the brown edges are getting worse. Make sure the soil is consistently moist and that they have both high humidity and medium light without direct sun. Calathea doesn’t respond well to sudden changes in temperature or to … Calathea grows more slowly in the winter time and will need less water during the cooler, darker months than in the spring and summer months. Not just the top inches, but the base of the pot. Help my Calathea is dying! I originally watering my calathea with water I would leave out for 24 hours. The leaves still look healthy so you might have a shot. We’ll get to the bottom of this. Drooping leaves on plants of this nature are often a symptom of overwatering . Repotting can shock an Orbifolia, so expect some recovery time. The most common reason your Calathea’s leaves are turning brown on the edges could be due to your tap water. 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