Newton’s three laws of motion relate the forces acting on a … Some say that Newton decided to study gravity after the apple fell from the tree and hit him on the head. 3. Occupation: Scientist, mathematician, and astronomer. Forces are measured in Newtons. In 1665, he went home to Lincolnshire to escape the Plague, a deadly disease that spread through Europe. 27 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton 1. Explore the animal kingdom! Gases and liquids push out in equal forces in all directions. Isaac Newton was born on 25 December 1642, [2] in a manor house in Lincolnshire , England . It is said that Isaac Newton got the idea for gravity when an apple fell off a tree and hit him on the head. Sir Isaac Newton is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the world of science. But that almost didn't happen. It is said that Isaac Newton got the idea for gravity when an apple fell off a tree and hit him on the head. Newton’s law of universal gravitation describes the gravitational attraction between bodies with mass, the earth and moon for example. Biographies for Kids. Fun Jokes For Kids He eventually managed to challenge the boy and beat him up in return. Isaac’s grandmother raised him. The Discovery of the Law of Gravitation. According to the biblical Book of Genesis, Isaac (/ˈaɪzək/; Hebrew: יִצְחָק, Standard Yiṣḥáq Tiberian Yiṣḥāq; Arabic: إسحٰق/إسحا ق, Isḥāq) was the son of Abraham and Sarah and father of Jacob; his name means "heel", reflecting when … Fast Facts about Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton the Man. Even though he was born long before much was understood about modern... 2. Isaac Newton is considered to be one of the most famous scientists of all time. He created laws on gravitation and motion which would be used for 300 years. Here he came up with some of his best ideas, including working out how gravity works. Isaac Newton was an English mathematician, and one of the most influential scientists ever. Click for more kids facts and information or download the worksheet collection. 25 December 1642], the same year, Galileo died . Fact 10 In his early years, Newton was a very bad student and had got beaten-up by a school bully. It is sometimes told that Isaac Newton was reading a book under a tree when an apple from the … Sir Isaac Newton Facts: 11-15 11. When Newton developed calculus, a German mathematician named Gottfried Liebniz developed a similar system. Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist was responsible for path – breaking inventions that challenged the human race of their popular beliefs. 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