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Experience Corsica is a non commercial website set up by corsicans for all people keen to know more about the island.

Whether you need to plan your holiday or you simply want to learn more about one of the last hidden gems of the Mediterranean, this site is for you!

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If you want to share your own experience of Corsica, please do so in our BLOG section.
“Nobody’s perfect” – if you have spotted any mistakes or if you are keen to contribute to our site with pictures or if you have questions, please contact us on : jf@corsicaexperience.com


Several pictures on the site have been kindly lent by Bernard Millereux. A big thank to him for his contribution and for being such a loyal admirer of Corsica for all those years.

Several other pictures have been borrowed from benefactors of Wikipedia. Credit should be approriately indicated for each picture (apart from the headline pictures of main pages). A big thanks to them too and in particular Mr Pierre Bona.

If any credit was not set properly, please contact us on the e-mail above.

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